Bloomberg’s Jaroslovsky reviews Apple’s iPhone 5: The only great smartphone on the market

“The launch of a new iPhone long ago passed from mere product introduction into the realm of cultural phenomena. Still, underneath all the hype, the iPhone 5 really is just a new smartphone. A terrific new smartphone,” Rich Jaroslovsky writes for Bloomberg. “The iPhone 5, which in the U.S. starts at $199 for a model with 16 gigabytes of storage on a two-year contract, unquestionably retains the title of handsomest phone you can buy. The fit and finish really are more like a fine wristwatch, as Apple boasts, than a gadget you might shove into pocket or purse.”

Jaroslovsky writes, “The iPhone 5 is by no means perfect, and we’re lucky there are a lot of really good smartphones on the market. But only one great one.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. I do not recommend buying black version of the phone, since black anodized paint, however well it is attached, is scratch-prone to some degree, so you will see typical metal under it within time.

      Better buy white version of the iPhone 5.

      1. Anodized aluminum is not paint you know. It is a treatment to aluminum that is aluminum oxide. It cannot chip or peal. It is made in an electorlyte bath.
        Even NASA’s satellites are made of anodized aluminum. Go back to your plastic droid, troll.

        1. I did not write “anodized aluminium”, I wrote “anodized paint” — it is different thing. Сathode-anode process used to make paint particles stuck on the case, which plays the role of anode.

          One of reviewers already mentioned that after week of intense use at some parts of black edge some metal is seen. It could have happened after iPhone was jammed with some hard and sharp keys or something. White iPhone leaves to metal its metallic colour, so its looks will last longer.

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