iPhone 5’s A6 SoC SunSpider performance fastest ever recorded on a smartphone

“The first iPhone 5 reviews have lifted, confirming the leaked Geekbench data we saw in our earlier post,” Anand Lal Shimpi and Brian Klug report for AnandTech.

“Apple’s A6 appears to feature two custom ARM cores running at up to 1GHz. A new datapoint comes courtesy of our own Brian Klug who’s currently visiting LG in Seoul, South Korea,” Lal Shimpi and Klug report. “He ran into Vincent Nguyen of Slashgear fame, who kindly let him run SunSpider 0.9.1 on Vincent’s iPhone 5 review sample. The score? 914.7ms.”

Lal Shimpi and Klug report, “As we surmised in our A6 Geekbench post, it looks like Apple specifically targeted improvements in the memory subsystem when designing the A6’s CPU cores. The result is the fastest SunSpider test we’ve ever recorded on a smartphone – faster even than Intel’s Atom Z2460.”

See the benchmarks in the full article here.

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  1. Faster than the bullshit that comes outta ya mouth. every benchmark I’ve seen shows Samsung twice if not more powerful than ip5. Hitler’s propaganda machine must be installed here. Never heard such crab.

    1. Isn’t this a fist pounds table moment.

      How do you really feel? You do realize every time you say his name it makes your point a rhetorical blunder. Your a straw man hero – yes you are.

  2. In 2008, Apple acquired P. A. Semi. As an investor in Apple, it is nice to see the fruits of their investments playing out. One day people will look back at what Apple did and didn’t do and see a multi-year corporate plan in action. Should be a great study model for the next generation of world changing entrepreneurs.

  3. you don’t have to hate android because most smartphone are faster than dumb iphone 5. they equip with quadcore processor, freaking awesome GPU, 2GB memory which apple only can dream. so what will be next year? iphone 5s with 4.3 inch screen, even thinner? don’t make bullshit. only isheep, fanboys buy shitty product.

  4. So even with SGS3 with twice as much ram, more ghz, more CPU cores and more power consumption, it’s still SLOWER than an iPhone 5. Hmmmm. You can keep your plastic fantastic sPhone

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