Apple’s iOS 6 due for release today at 10am PDT, 1pm EDT

“iOS 6, the newest version of Apple’s iPhone/iPad software platform, is scheduled to arrive today, Wednesday Sept. 19,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“[A] timetable was created by Absinthe Jailbreak’s Gamel Sabry and posted here,” P.E.D. reports. “Check it to see when software update will be released near you.”

Timetable in the full article here.


        1. Pony? Do you mean like a horse???

          Me, I just wait for the wandering monk to come by and take my parchment with him. In a couple of years or so, it usually gets there and back.

          Steve says the artwork in the letters is lovely! LOL

  1. Already insecure
    “IDG News Service – Dutch security researchers hacked an iPhone 4S on Wednesday, showing how a malicious webpage can send all pictures, address book data and browsing history on the phone to a server of the attacker’s choice.
    As participants in the Mobile Pwn2Own competition they demonstrated the exploit to an audience at the EUSecWest security conference in Amsterdam on Wednesday.
    Their attack works on iOS 5.1.1 and the developer release of iOS 6, and probably also works on the iPhone 5, said Joost Pol and Daan Keuper of Dutch security company Certified Secure. It also works on iPads, they said.”

  2. For crying out loud, someone went to the trouble to create a timetable? Because of all the breathless anticipation in Antananarivo? Like we imagine the populace of the banana republic gathered around the clock tower in the central square, iPhones held aloft awaiting the new signal. So now we are all in some bizarre movie; Apple has cast the world in it’s own version of ‘A Hard Days Night’. Years later we will look back at it and wonder – how could we have all gotten so hung up over something as stupid as that?
    Maybe Steve Jobs should’ve based the company model on The Who instead of The Beatles. Then whatever sinister qualities laying underneath would appear clumsy and oafish instead of slick.

  3. What the hell was the point of that timetable? I thought I’d be seeing actual staggered availability. Couldn’t check them all, but the dozen places I did showed availability all at exactly the same time: 6pm UTC/GMT.

    Seriously, if you can’t figure out what timezone you’re in relative to UTC without someone telling you, then let me tell you it’s about 10pm local time wherever you are. That’ll delay you from sucking down bandwidth so I can download it before you do.

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