5 things you should do before downloading and installing iOS 6

“Sometime today, Apple will drop the 6th version of iOS on iPhones, iPods, and iPads everywhere. Before you download that upgrade, here are five important things you should seriously consider doing first,” Robin Parrish reports for Apple Gazette.

5 things you should do before downloading and installing iOS 6:
1. Back up your device(s)
2. Upgrade to iTunes 10.7
3. Update your apps
4. Get ready for Passbook
5. Grab Google’s YouTube app

Full article with a few last tips here.


  1. The new You Tube app is crap.

    Install it and use it side by side with Apple’s. The thing even gets different results from a search and is AD SUPPORTED.

    Google can KMA
    I pay the phone bill and paid for the phone and will be damned if I open another path for effiing ads. Same for Maps- Google Maps will be ad supported on iOS 6.

  2. If you use the music service MOG, they put out a notice last night that due to the upgrade process, any songs you have on your iPhone will be wiped in the 6.0 update and you will have to download them again.


    1. Yeah, I read the list and was wondering why apps should be updates before upgrading to iOS6.

      There is no reason. Just like there is no reason to grab the YouTube app (IF you want it) now vs later.

    2. #2 can’t happen since the new iTunes doesn’t work on the Power Mac G5 I use as my media server (and while I might update my server, Apple hasn’t updated the friggin’ Mac mini since the dinosaurs were walking the planet so I’m stuck in an eternal wait cycle).

      1. No difference at all between the two, and anyone that says diffrent has no clue what they are talking about.

        The speed of your connection is the only factor – if any, but in terms of time for instal, no difference in install speed at all and in most cases direct download to the device is much better and less atrusive.

    1. And you take information from one poster that has no clue about the speed of the install process.

      Allot of testing has been done to make the install direct to device fast and seamless, using the old method to update a device is no diffrent and in terms of speed it is faster to direct download and update from the device, steps saved.

      Old tethered method of update.

      1.hooking up the device to a computer.
      2.waiting for the device to sync and backup.
      3.clicking on the iOS update button.
      4.waiting for the download.
      5.Backup again of the device to system before update.
      6.wait for install.
      7. after the install you unhook the device and use.

      Now compare that to the new direct method of IOS update.

      1.click on IOS update in system panel on device.
      2.system update.

      Speaks for itself.

  3. Get ready for Passbook?

    Editor – Robin! I need you to write an article, 10 things you need to do before upgrading to IOS 6.
    Robin – I don’t think there is that many, this is Apple we’re talking about.
    Editor – Well . . . then give me as least 5!
    Robin – Sure thing boss!

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