Apple: Due to high demand, some iPhone 5 pre-orders will be delivered in October, rather than September

“Apple Inc. said pre-orders of its iPhone 5 topped 2 million units in one day, more than double the sales record set by the previous model of the device,” Ryan Faughnder reports for Bloomberg.

“Because demand for the iPhone 5 exceeds the initial supply, some pre-orders will be delivered to customers in October, rather than September as previously planned, Cupertino, California-based Apple said today in a statement,” Faughnder reports. “Most orders will be delivered on Sept. 21, Apple said.”

“‘Clearly it’s a blowout,’ said Brian White, an analyst at Topeka Capital Markets in New York,” Faughnder reports. “White said he had anticipated sales of 1.3 million to 1.5 million units.”

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iPhone 5 pre-orders start at 12:01am PDT, Friday, September 14 – September 13, 2012


    1. it’s funny because Google got to steal the first generation of IOS because of Schmidt’s fox in the hen house thievery …. But now they have to wait until Apple releases new IOS features and try match them quickly… This leads to poorly thought out, pale imitations of IOS features…. On the other hand Apple used Google maps for the years it took to make a better map application and then kicked Google to the curb… This will continue for a while … If Apple makes a search product with no advertising, and mobile search remains 70% IOS dominated… Google will be in a world of hurt.

      1. “Apple used Google maps for the years it took to make a better map application”

        Apple always made the map application in the iPhone, they just used Google’s data. Now the data is being kicked out, with an updated app and things like turn-by-turn that Google wouldn’t allow Apple to do.

    2. That’s so funny. People hate and bitch about things they wish they had, like fame and being rich.

      I could care less if someone else has an Android phone or an iPhone, but I certainly don’t understand why anyone would choose Android over iOS. But, it’s their frustration, not mine.

      I have been on my in-laws for years to get a Mac, and after owning iPhones and having multiple Windows laptop problems, two bought Macs and love them. Amazing how difficult it is to get people to understand that you don’t have to put up with substandard crap.

    3. Yep, I just peeked. Wow. Nasty. I’ll never understand all of these angry Android users. Why would anybody care what kind of phone somebody else used?

      I wonder if they’re like that in other aspects of life. Do they get angry if someone buys a car that’s different than theirs? What about houses? Clothes? Food? Furniture?

      Life is too short to be pissed off about other people’s choices.

  1. I stayed up last friday and ordered mine within the first few minutes of availability…delivery sept 21. I knew if I had waited until morning it would be too late. iPhone 5 is going to be the fastest-selling consumer electronics device in history.

  2. what’s the definition of “pre-order”? ordering before retail stores carry the device? why not just call it an “order” and give the customer an estimate on delivery time.

    The way we mangle the English language is increasingly ridiculous. Next we’ll hear managers holding “pre-review meetings” so they can get an advance look at the results of what hasn’t happened yet.

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