Samsung runs print ad attacking Apple’s iPhone 5 in major U.S. newspapers

“Samsung is greeting the arrival of the iPhone 5 with an ad that will run [Sunday] in certain national and local newspapers (how modern),” Chris Matyszczyk reports for CNET.’

“Clearly, it’s been hastily put together, but its headline — ‘It doesn’t take a genius’ — rather prepares you for what follows,” Matyszczyk reports.

“Samsung’s biggest problem isn’t that its phone doesn’t have some fine rational attributes. It’s that the brand hasn’t captured hearts,” Matyszczyk writes. “There are no lists nor self-help books that can tell you how to do that. That does, sometimes, take a little genius.”

Samsung ad "It doesn't take a genius"

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We love the smell of fear in the morning.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Joe Architect” for the heads up.]

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          1. funny. siri is not even invented by apple. they just bought it. it’s not originally apple technology. this what apple does if they can’t invent. they just buy. what a shame. nowadays, they also bought tons of LTE patent as well because they don’t have technology to build. fuck off, apple & fanboys.

            1. Indeed, legitimate tech innovators like Google, OTOH, never buy/hoard up outside inventions like YouTube, AdMob, or Motorola MMI etc. and so on. Nevah. Does not happen. NOT in their DNA. Only Apple is the pretender. You Apple fans should all be ashamed for not reinventing wheels from scratch at every turn.

              “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” ― Carl Sagan, Cosmos.

            2. I’ve read a lot of stupid comments in MDN over the years, but this you really win the Triple Crown of STUPIDITY! Talk about someone with nothing but shit inside his skull instead of brains! WOW! You probably don’t have money to buy an iPhone, and instead of quitting your crack addiction and finding a job, you come here to fart at us! Crawl back into the gutter you came out of! Asshole!

            3. how nice of you to let us fanboys fuck off, at least we get laid, but you analy retentive asshole virgins believe that any manufacturer you are a fanboy of invents anything or does not also buy every technology they have?! then you’re plain ignorant or blind.

              everybody buys from everybody else. that’s capitalism. what is or is not original does not matter you disgruntled schmuck.
              it does not matter who invents things first.
              what matters is the cocktail, the unique mix of different inventions.
              nothing in any field, whether tech or art, is ever really original, as it’s all in the original recipe of different ingredients.

              who cares if you insult apple fanboys. whilst you use your chaoticware, virusware, crashware, inconsistencyware, plasticware, uglyware, cheapware etc. we apple fanboys are happy with something that just works smoothly, so we don’t suffer from spastic convulsions like you people or from frustration and regrets – plus we get laid according to you, thanks!

              meanwhile, only apple is in the black, recession-proof.

              apple does not go for gimmicks or spec to spec comparison, they just do things better, fasters, smoother, friendlier, prettier, more practical that just works. if you never tried the best you’re too stubborn, stuck in your life or too cheap, though apple products nowadays are not more expensive, esp. in the long run and you will never get good customer care lest you switch to apple or have the total integration they offer. your choice, but stop fucking with us, just because you’re frustrated or impotent.

              by the way, if not for apple, none of your samsungs and apple competitors would exist! apple changed the cell phone industry in mid 2007, not your companies. they always abused the possibilities with consumers, disrespected their hard-earned money. so now you turn around and say specs are innovation over apple?! you really think apple can’t do a bigger phone or add nfc?! don’t be stupid. they don’t do it because it’s not practical. no one forced you to buy apple, so stfu, the rest of us are perfectly happy.

              is it not ironic that you people always insult apple and know better how it should run its business, when all of you bitchers are poor or unsuccessful or never invented anything worthy of changing society and are just plain miserable frustrated anal retards? get a life. get fucked – by apple! at least you’d be in heaven on earth with apple’s whores.

            4. eer right, this is an apple fan boy site and you are here slagging off apple then telling us to “fuck off”? Are you displaying some of Samsdung / Blandroid users legendary mental dexterity… or what?

            5. It boggles my mind how this assholes, who apparently don’t have a life, spend their time coming here to fart all this nonsense! I mean… They are so resentful and bitter, either because they don’t have the money to pay for a great device, or they just have no frigging brain!

              Instead of minding their own business and stay out of our way, they come here to spew their hate and their stupidity!

              I think it’s a combination of both. Lack of money to pay for the best device, lack of brains to think correctly, PLUS an inordinate hate for anything they cannot get!

            6. By that standard, nothing has been invented since canned food. Everything requires someone else’s invention to work. Edison didn’t invent electricity, he bought it. Ford didn’t invent the assembly line, he took someone else’s idea and made it better. All Apple did is make the best consumer electronics on the planet by combining the inventions of others. Carl Sagan once remarked that you can’t make an apple pie from scratch unless you first create the universe.

    1. Yeah the whole spec thing is so yesterday and retarded. Impresses no one but geek tards & Apple Haters who haven’t a clue what’s best for them but still want their floppy drives and serial ports. People care about the experience, support and ecosystem these days. Something Samsung conveniently leaves out of their disingenuous incomplete ad. Apple could do the Boogie Board screen thing easily but they stay within their design principles and what’s right for the device. It says as much about a company about the things they don’t do as do. And you have to ask yourself if you really trust a thieving company like Samsung over Apple.

      1. Exactly. The apps are a huge win for Apple.

        Furthermore, the new connector (which Samsung pooh poohs) provides new capabilities that the Samsung simply doesn’t have — like HDMI. How are you going to get HDMI video out of your Samsung USB port?

        1. Though MHL (Mobile Hi-Def Link),
          Basically a HDMI connection for mobiles that works through the USB port, and Common with quite a few Manufacturers

          I know it may be hard for some people to believe that something can exist without Apple “Inventing” it

  1. So when you compare phones its obvious iphone 5 is less than ordinary. what happened ? i thought apple was to release a phone that stands out. looks like rumours are true. Samsung s3 is selling 4 to every one iphone in Australia. looks like apple party is finally over down here. iphone 5 would be lucky if it beats s2 in performance.

    1. Apple never had a party down there, you must be thinking about Oprah, you know that’s when they put the bio “O” on the Sydney bridge.

      Apple doesn’t release phones that stand out, that’s just to fool you Anustralians into being allies with the US so you can make them look good. Sorta like how you Anustralians convinced the bloody yanks that you drink Fosters instead of VB or XXXX and that you have shrimp on the Barbie instead of sausage sizzles.

      Apple never stood a chance getting a foothold in Anustralia either, not the the all mighty Optima, Anustralia’s very own computer company.

      1. Anustralia? I see what you did there!

        But seriously, enjoy you debt, chump. We’ll just sit down here on our ore and our uranium and enjoy the quality of life, the sun, the surf and the gorgeous women.

        1. First of all I don’t mind being called a chump, it sure is a vast improvement over being called a fecal filled Anustralian.

          Certainly you should, by all means enjoy your benefits of rich mineral deposits, and the sun and surf sure are spectacular down under as is the landscape and the flowers. There is no doubt that having a feral sub culture where you don’t have to be educated or work thanks in part to Centrelink is a quality of life that is appealing since so many Anustralians live that way.

          Your skanks, uh women, well they certainly look good, until they open their mouths and speak. Fortunately the effects of XXXX or some Bundaberg rum must take care of that. I can’t see how you could breed with them otherwise. It must be why there are so many alcoholics in the country, although gauging from all the yellow syringe disposal boxes in your bathrooms a lot of you need something stronger than liquor.

            1. My handle refers to “A person who travels, often as part of their job, and does work at the same time”.

              I think you are referring to “Road Warrior” the movie starring Mel Gibson, and if that is the case you should know that he was born in America and from what I know he is not an Australian although his character “Mad Max” was.

            2. Clearly, you are an uneducated middle-class dweeb “Road Warrior”. Perhaps you should stop sucking off your daddy and put your false teeth back in. Last time I looked you were giving it to your Mom with a german sausage because you couldn’t get our own meat stiff! Oh yes, I’m gay and I’m coming for your wide ass gape!

            3. Well you can see pretty clearly, except for the fact that my father has been deceased for quite some time.

              You know, after enduring the Anustralians calling me a dweeb and your incestuous comments don’t really bother me a bit. I’m way too happy now that I’ve left their putrid island.

          1. What have you got against Australians? You are nothing short of an idiot “Road Warrior”. How about you tell us where you are from? Road Warrior = Red Neck Doofus

          2. Oh dear, Road Warrior.

            It seems to me you are posting on the wrong forum. I have no idea why you hold such a strong hatred for Australians and their beautiful country.

            I presume from your posts (and some strange replies from others) that you spent some time in Australia. It must have been a very traumatic experience for you. I feel sorry for you.

            I’d love to know where you are from so I could visit your country (if I haven’t already). It must be as wonderful as you and your fellow citizens.

            Of course, you are welcome to have your own opinion.

            Best of luck to you. God bless.

        1. Oh yes, I most certainly have, and now that I have escaped that putrid little isle I don’t have to crawl back under any rock. Awwww too bad for you Toot toot tootsie goodbye.

            1. On the contrary I am pointing out a few problems that Anustralians refuse to sort out. I certainly don’t expect them to have the capacity to do so but I do have the benefit of expressing my opinion and ignoring orders like crawling under a rock.

    2. Apple is probably a bit too expensive for most Australians; you know you get what you pay for. Most of the industrialized world do appreciate how “it just work” and the “apple echosystem” how all devices work together.

      1. Um, as a percentage of the available smartphone market in any country, iPhone has the 2nd highest penetration in Australia, just slightly behind the iPhone market share in Switzerland and WAY ahead of iPhone penetration in the US. Australians love iPhone and are buying them by the gazillions. The only people I see with Samedungs in Australia are clearly those who can’t afford the real thing.

    3. Wow, uh…no.
      When you compare phone you see that Samsung has to use a quad core processor just to get the OS running smoothly, and that they released a flagship phone with an out-dated OS, and that they lie about the battery life (because my S3 can barely make it to lunch even if I hardly touch it).
      Most of the features are “so what” items and they willfully disregard iOS features that the S3 can’t even touch.
      NFC? Not in the US and not on ATT

    4. Hey Troll Chris, Welcome back. 🙂

      I agree that Samsung has a phone that stands out..

      Its HUGE
      Its gaudy colored
      Its bright plastic
      It will not fit in your pocket with out breaking.
      It runs Android.
      IF your facts are right about Austrailia, then if you go and buy one you will be ONE OF THE CROWD.

      Congrats….. er…. sort of…… I think

      PS, remind me again, how long are the lines and wait time for your phone??????
      And how many did Samsung say they had ACTUALLY sold (during the trial)????

      Just a thought.

  2. Rather convenient of Samsung to leave out that iPhone thru iOS6 will have photo stream, maps, multitouch that has been there since 2007, 270 million apps, FaceTime over wifi & cellular, a built in iPod, and so many others that Samsung had lavishly copied frm the iPhone since 2007!

  3. They will regret these stupid ads. The reason being is they are going spec to spec saying see we are better than Apple because we have this and we have that. When they don’t have the most important spec iOS Hemroid sucks and it’s about to suck even more once all the patented items are removed. Imagine a droid with no multitouch, rubber band snap, Pinch zoom, tap dial, tap email, slide to unlock and tons of other iOS stolen features. You might want to say in your ads that this phone may be neutered as soon as we finish getting our clocks cleaned by Apple and the court system.
    Not to mentioned possibly destroyed in Europe if Apple wants to front 10 million euros. Chump change for Apple, I bet they spend that much just on coffee in Cupertino.

    1. SamDung does not need Pinch to Zoom …….

      They have Tilt to Zoom along with Shake to Update …..

      So you tilt your phone and it zooms and then shake it and updates ….. Wow two super nice features ……

      I can hardly wait to tilt and zoom and then what, tilt head to see or do I tilt back and there it is?

      What if I want to zoom out a little or in a little?

      Silly Rabbits!

  4. Samsung’s biggest problem is Apple. Their second biggest problem is that they can’t innovate. The sum of that equation is a recipe for disaster. Let them continue to lead the race to the bottom.

  5. Are these guys crazy??? Haven’t they gotten stung enough from the latest round of litigation? Are they all masochists? They have left themselves wide open. They deserve what they get, and have gotten.

    1. Their culture says, when threatened the proper response is an aggressive posture. Everyone has a rank and acknowledges it with every utterance. When that rank is challenged one must huff and puff, and threaten. That’s why they countersue with no legal leg to stand on, and why they take out ads like this. Their mentality is similar to Monty Python’s “The Black Knight”.

  6. In related news, “Apple to take out full page advertisement in next week’s paper. It is rumored to read:

    ‘It doesn’t take a genius, but sometimes it’s nice to have one.

    Apple care comes standard for 1 year on the new iPhone 5.

    You’re Welcome’ “

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