Amazing Apple does it again: Tall and svelte, iPhone 5 looks like a winner

“The Federal Reserve’s latest plan to buy mortgage-backed securities, unveiled Thursday, is the kind of event that makes an observer of technology investing want to hang up his hat,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s. “What can you say about tech stocks that might shed light on a rally that seems driven purely by animal spirits, kindled by the central bank’s decision to pump billions of dollars more into the U.S. economy?”

“Indeed, when Apple’s unveiling of its iPhone 5 last week prompted a rise in the company’s stock to a new lifetime high of $696.98, I was tempted to credit Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, not the newest iDevice,” Ray reports. “But if the Fed gets most of the credit this time, the next rally will belong to Apple, because the newest iPhone, elegant and faster than ever, looks like a winner and is going to sell.”

Ray reports, “The latest extension of the Apple franchise is likely to propel Apple’s shares even further. The stock has rallied 71% this year, but still is cheap at 13 times expected earnings of $52.81 for the fiscal year ending September 2013. Back out the company’s $29.50 a share in cash, and the price/earnings multiple is just 12.6. Some analysts think the iPhone 5 could add $2 to $4 a share to Apple’s fiscal 2013 earnings.”

Much more – including discussion of Tim Cook’s presentation style vs. that of Steve Jobs – in the full article here.


  1. There is nothing to compare because Timothy Cook never presents actual products. He makes Philip Schiller do that.

    Steven Jobs was personally involved in design (and sometimes he was primary designer, not Jonathan Ive — for example, in PowerBook Titanium, which continues to live to this day as MBP, and both classic and lamp iMacs), so he was the presenter of products — and he was passionate at that.

    1. wrong. Steve was not primary designer. He was the CEO of apple. He brought the best out of people such as Jony. That is why apple is and will continue to be great. They have discovered how the be their best when Steve was around.

      1. Steve was not some technology illiterate salesman. He was intricately involved in the design of many if not quite all of Apples products.

        Remember Apple has a relatively small stable of products that they produce. It’s not unreasonable for the CEO to have a hand in all of them. That’s the advantage of focus.

    2. tim cooks presentation sooo lack. theyre pretty much horrible, except for the hilarious folksy drawl he makes up. Apple needs someone else at the reigns that can actually inspire. sad but true
      (watch his parts of the iPhone 5 keynote… BORING)

          1. Dah! AppleCare has nothing to do with a case for your phone. Just because you have homeowners insurance doesn’t mean that you go away with your doors unlocked. Now does it? Of course not. Damn! And at least make an attempt at better grammar.

    1. I am wondering if the black trim on the black version will srcatch to reveal silver which in turn will render a used look to the device? The white still sports the silver band so not an issue.

  2. There will never be another Steve Jobs, not in a million years.

    Steve Jobs always picked and aspired to the best in talent, innovation, product, quality and detail- indisputed fact.

    Steve hand picked every one of his A team – Tim Cook is the very best in inventory, operations detail and tight managment – forget the comparisons. Steve relied on his talents and trusted Apple to them.

    Apple is a different mainstream giant today, that requires different managment and operations scales that Tim will excel at while he stewards the company right through the millenium as a leading oracle of innovation, quality, value and unrivaled class.

    1. The world is full of talented people who choose not to be celebrated. SJ loves the lights and he made sure he was front and centre at all time? Jony and Tim on the other hand not so much. Gates did not like the limelight either and yet he is the world’s most prolific philanthropist and does his work as quietly as possible.

      There is always someone that comes along in every walk of life that outperforms someone who was thought to be someone that could never be matched.

      1. So what the fuck did you say “precious”? Please feel free to include yourself in the company of the twit who has so much style he’s never had one decent haircut, but don’ t put even try to make comparisons between him and Steve Jobs.

        1. Pat did not deserve the attitude you gave, Breeze. I did not take his comments on negative about SJ nor even in comparing the two. He was making, as I read it, an observation independent of that…in my view. Your lack of maturity and respect is certainly front and center in your post.

      2. Bill gates doesn’t like the limelight?

        dude he’s practically on every talk show, on every celebrity fest and gala all the time. There are countless photo shoots of him with this and that celebrity like Sharon Stone, Warren Buffet , Nelson Mendala etc. The excuse is that he’s promoting his charities but he is always asking for the limelight.

        Jobs on the other hand was a recluse, besides his stage presentations he hardly gives any interviews at all. We also read that he’s ‘secretive’. How many photos have you seen of Jobs kids and wife vs Melinda Gates and the Gates baby (at that time) etc . Shoot Bill even has the “Official Bill Gates Website” which even lists what he likes to read ! .

          1. so you got made a fool of again and decide not to reply

            like your previoius posts criticizing apple for manufacturing in China while PRAISING samsung (you even proudly listed every samsung product you had)

            without realizing that Samsung has loads of factories in china with plenty of labour issues including abusing underaged children.


      3. agreed on your general philosophy of character but not so much on BG – check out his work for monsanto and vaccinations? ie big pharma. what a cluster. no wonder he is “quiet” .

      4. Gates is a crook and his foundation is a tax shelter for his business investments.

        He also uses it to foist Microsoft’s shit on educational establishments and the 3rd world in general, and force out free software like Linux. Or anything alternative to MS.

        He’s quite the phoney messiah.

    2. The endless parade of business and design platitudes can never compensate for the failed relationships, both within the company and his private life. I won’t mention the successes he is well known for. I surely hope the memory of my businesses will fade before my friends and family forget ME. A father, a lover, a child and others were discarded fodder along this geniuses road to what moss few of us fanboys acknowledge as a mixed life of broghthess and yet a lasting infamy.

      And I surely do not desire to inappropriately post negative comnents about anyone.

      This discussion really should center on the “caretaker” vs “founder / visionary” differences.

      I’ll save my reverence for those few rare moral and spiritual elites amongst us who inspire to more than business acumen.

      Steve Jobs may rise by degrees above your favorite singer or NASCAR driver. But for much of his known life he remained a morally needy, business success while never a settled soul. Don’t fail to tell your children of his errors dabbling into non medical treatments and the positive comments he made of his drug experiences earlier in his life etc.

      I am as thankful for the “toys” and hopeful for many more years of Apple dominance. But I will follow the life and example of the carpenter.

      1. I feel that if you go into Steve Jobs private life looking for warts, I can go through Bill Gates business life the same way.

        Gates stole the DOS software he presented to IBM. That’s how he started on the way to billionaire status.

        Gates stole from many sources, made millions, even billions and fought court battles with falsified documents trying to beat the rap. He succeeded with Apple, he lost to many others but he paid peanuts compared to the money he made on the stolen goods.

        Gates also used intimidation of the PC manufacturers to prevent competition in the OS software field. He singlehandedly wiped out 4 or 5 competing OSes and almost got the Mac OS as well.

        As his life winds down, he finds that his many sins needs to be balanced through philanthropy. So he has started to buy his way into Heaven.

        When you think about all of his thefts, all the intimidations, all the lives ruined, all the opportunities lost by much more inventive leaders, he deserves to be called out as the worst example of a business leader.

        1. I will leave the SJ expose for someone else to do and rest assured one will be done. Employee #12 might start things off at some point in the near future.

          Gates is revered by those who like him and thrashed by those who do not and that is not any different than what applies to you.

      2. @ adkmacman

        Wow, condescending much?

        Who said we have to like him as a person in order to admire his significant accomplishments? And who are you to judge him in his personal life? Did you know him? Are younanfamily member? The fact that you come on here bending over backwards to express your negative opinions of him says quite a lot about you as well. Congratulations for having such terrific interpersonal relationships, I’m proud of you. And that last sentence was just ridiculous; I’m incredulous. So, somehow all the attention that Steve got somehow frustrates your religious sensibilities, because, according to you, he wasn’t a good person? Atheists and religion-focused people.. two sides of the same coin.

        “Morally needy”? “Never a settled soul”? What does that even mean? (rhetorical question)

        I’m not sure what my opinion is of Steve as a person, but there are no indications that he had anything worse than a few personality flaws; hardly sufficient to pass judgment on someone. By the way, for being worth billions of dollars, he lived very modestly. Would you be so modest with all that money? I’m sure that you would.

        1. Time may expose what many are in Shirley of. Anyone who watched the movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley” can see that was just the beginning of Steve’s failings. Maybe the next movie, or the next book, or as another poster commented, an employee will start the truthful conversation.

          But time seems to often, not always, but usually reveal the fuller story of a life.

          A poster here attempted to speak about adoption and redirect Steve’s issues at his father. That is sadly the type of modern teaching that attempts to exonerate all kinds of personality disorders and social failings.

          His denial and abandonment of his early child and partner were conveniently not addressed. Would it be purely conjecture if one thought that another modern excuse for personal responsibility would be offered by many today.

          As for the silly comments on how “millions” and some in the “medical field” agree on Steve’s LSD comments … well who can peacefully and intelligently engage in a rhetorical debate with someone who is “cheating” by accepting that altered states of consciousness are … preferred?

          My summary of my comments concerning Steve Jobs “legacy” could be bulleted like this for clarity:
          1) A creative mind for his time
          2) He learned CEO skills in time

          My concerns is for how those of us admitted Fanboys of Apple toys project our appreciation of his “work.”

          Praise the products and the toil of all involved. Be clear at the same time that success in business comes with many, often undesireable cost!

      3. @adkmacman

        “A father, a lover, a child and others were discarded fodder”

        Jobs discarded a father?
        didn’t the father discard him? and give him up to be adopted? The dad didn’t involve himself at all until Jobs was rich and famous and even then the Dad didn’t want to make the first move.

        I was involved in social services, foster kids, adoption for 15 years. Kids who go through that often have all kinds of issues. Maybe we should put some blame on Jobs isses as young man etc on the dad huh?

        (from your comment that he ‘discarded’ his father shows your bias).

        his family, his neighbors and friends said Jobs after his younger days was a good father and neighbour.
        He cried at his kids graduation, spent lots of time with them, neighbours said he brought them along to swim in pool parties etc. Jobs was married to Lauren for a long time and don’t think she has lots of bad things to say about him. And he left her a billionaire.

  3. Please don’t start attaching me, I am VERY excited to receive and enjoy the iP5. However it’s in the longtime Apple stragega that most of us remain desirous of “one more thing!” I confess that although completely occupied with watching my tracking number cross the ocean and then the fruitful plains up until Friday’s rendezvous … I am already dreaming of the sixth and even the seventh rendition 😉

      1. Nobody gets their iP5 until at the earliest Sept. 21st. I’m still fuming over the fact that around 12:20am the night of the iP5 pre-order my Time Warner IP decided to shut down ALL of my digital services for a half hour. I had to wait until it came back and scramble to order the other phone I wanted. Meanwhile the shipping dates slipped during the down time. That sucks! THANKS Time Warner, you miserable piece of s**t!!! Their motto should be “When you need us the most, we’ll be there the least.”

    1. I’m not sure why you felt the need for that earlier post, but anyway.. I certainly share your excitement for the iPhone. I barely missed the initial window, but my phone is ordered.. and it can’t come soon enough!

    1. So pease tell us Jean — what are you going to do with yourself and all your guttural hate for President Obama when he wins in November? What will it tell you about your narrow minded and hateful viewpoint of our President. How do you think it will feel to have your childish rightwing world view repudiated by the majority of voters in this great country?

  4. Verizon came into my office, Friday, and showed us a ton of smartphones but never a mention of an iPhone 4S or 5 or any model ….. Zip nothing mentioned …..

    While he is trying to sell us on the benefits of Andriod and Samsung he is looking at my 27″ iMac and me iPad on my two desks …..

    Finally we ask about the iPhone and he talks about it a little and goes back to the FREE Samsung phone he has made especially for the construction industry …..

    My Partner stops him in the middle of his speech and ask; What kind of phone do you use ….. He was speechless, an iPhone!

    1. Oh yea, we are dropping our direct connect in favor of face to face …. Had our phones with Nextel / Sprint since 1984 …. Had two way radio at first then can car mounted cell phones …..

      Now comes twelve new iPhone ……

      Now we can see in the office what our crew sees in the field …. Well soon we will …..

      1. Yes it is ….. Understand right now we have mostly flip Nextel 570 phones …. No full screen phones yet ….. We do have four iPads and seven iMacs but no iPhones, yet ….. But soon!

        Will have to put some into military grade holders so the guys don’t trash but otherwise management will have choice of cases …… I may go case less – will see ….

        Oh did I mention, a Mac mini server with Fikemaker Pro
        Server and five copies of Filemaker along with 3 time capsules …… Yea, we run our office on Macs and have since 1994 …..

  5. I thought the guys did a damn good job with the Keynote.

    You could see they all had a good look at every Keynote Jobs did before they started preparing for this one.

    You could feel Steve’s enthusiasm shining through the presentations.

    It was 3 to 4 times better than last fall’s effort.

    1. I do find that Tim Cook is very reserved for a gay man. He is low key and short of his failed attempt look young (dress shirt out of jeans with dess shoes) he communicates relatively well.

      He could be very flamboyant but he chooses not to be. Love that about him in that he does not make his being gay part of his persona. Sexual orientation should not be a factor and he proves that you do not need to make it something for the public forum.

  6. Guys if you think iPhone 5 is hot… you are mistaken. No matter how many millions it sells to it’s fan base…. Apple needs to grow and needs new customers and those folks are going to Android. The Galaxy S3 came out in May and has way better specs still than the iPhone 5 that was released 5 months after. Galaxy S4 will blow it out of the water again in May!

    1. Do a blind test…. Appears that they do not stand out in a crowd. Lot’s of Independant reports already done. The placebo effect…. Believe what you want to believe.

      This said, they look really cool and that accounts for something.

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