Analysts praise Apple’s iPhone 5: ‘The consumer is going to be blown away’

“Wall Street still loves Apple,” Garett Sloane reports for The New York Post. “Nine days before shoppers get a chance to vote with their wallets on the iPhone 5, analysts are praising the tech giant’s latest gadget. ‘The consumer is going to be blown away,’ said Jefferies & Co.’s Peter Misek.”

“The analyst is forecasting the new 4G smartphone will sell 58 million units this year — far above the average estimate of 47 million,” Sloane reports. “Misek has a price target of $900 on Apple shares. The Cupertino, Calif., company’s stock closed yesterday at $669.79, up 1.4 percent. It is up 65 percent this year.”

Sloane reports, “Brian White, an analyst with Topeka Capital Markets, said after Apple unveiled the latest version of its most profitable gadget that he expected sales of the iPhone 5 to surpass forecasts in the first three days and hit 5.5 million units…”

“The unusual amount of iPhone 5 leaks — photos, specs, 4G speed, timing of its retail arrival — lessened the surprise for Wall Street and consumers,” Sloane reports. “Apple, known for its tight secrecy, could not keep the iPhone 5 under lock, and it became the most leaked product in the company’s history. That doesn’t seem to have discouraged Wall Street.”

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  1. Analysts need to tone down the rhetoric! What do they know about anything when it comes to consumers and their wallet. Let us be reminded that most if not all Analysts told us that Android was nothing more than a bleep on the radar and today we are now looking at a billion activated Android devices by Spring 2013 and Apple is projected to get to 300 million OS users by the same time. They know nothing!

    1. How can they ‘tone down the rhetoric’? Thats what they DO.
      Its one way to pay the mortgage and feed the family..

      Android is a profit-less OS that Google gives away. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of ‘Android’ phones, all running different versions of a copy-cat OS, some (most?) can not be upgraded, are mostly unsupported. This means that you have to go to a Phone store and ask for help. Maybe.
      Also, Android comes with an extremely disroganised App store, and has no protection from Malware at all.
      Battery life is varied because you may be running apps that you forgot to switch off.
      The screens are huge and pixelated.
      The screen must be huge because the phone needs to huge to support all that battery which drains because they are using first generation LTE chips which eat electricity.

      And, finally, they are making a tiny proportion of the profit that Apple makes.
      Apple about 20% of all smartphone, and about 80% of the TOTAL profits in the sector.
      The Rest make 80% of the phones and make 20% of the profit.

    2. “a billion activated Android devices by Spring 2013 and Apple is projected to get to 300 million OS users by the same time. They know nothing!”
      and yet Apple has already sold 400,000 iOS devices, so what you’re saying is that Apple is predicted to somehow go into reverse and sell -100,000 iOS devices over the next 8 months, Ok whatever you say chief.

    1. You can’t be proud ‘about’ something, unless you’re using ‘about’ in the sense that you’re near something. You can be proud ‘of’ something. Both ‘about’ and ‘of’ are prepositions and should therefore not be used to end a sentence. The proper formulation of your statement would have been:
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  2. Wall St. has never loved Apple, the change in attitude we see today is new found love and reassurance as a result of Tim Cook’s much criticized (MDN) efforts to be straight and attentive to them ie: dividend, stock buybacks, access ability, etc… Basically Apple has turn mainstream bog time and with that, some of it’s strategies and tactics, likewise, have been revised and streamlined …

    1. breeze, you’re 100% wrong there. Wall Street LOVES Apple because it knows how to make money off of Apple. It’s very, very easy to manipulate Apple’s stock price because of Apple’s vaunted secrecy — just look at how the stock reacts pre- and post-Apple product announcements, earnings reports, etc.

      The real players on Wall Street LOVE Apple because Apple makes them lots of money in a very short period of time.

      1. Sorry Biz, but there’s never been any real love (sentiment) from the street for Apple.

        You’re absolutely right about the manipulation and I guess you could say they’re all scumbags, but I was relating more to the press and media that are the voice of the street.

  3. First the iP5 design has been leaked for months, now analysts tell us we will be blown away. How can you be blown away when you knew what it was long before it came out.

    I liked my iP4, other than AT&T, dropped calls and the friggin antenna that didn’t work for shit. My iP4S on Verizon was much better for call quality, but the battery life was worse than the iP4 but still I used it a lot more and can’t wait to get the iP5.

    I’m not blown away, but I am looking forward to it. I have a MBP, an iPad3 LTE and getting the iP5 is a logical addition. But compared to Android devices its only catching up and still behind in some respects (I know that’s blasphemy but Apple apologists will never see recognize the oncoming light is a freight train). Still having the latest OS because Apple set it up to be that way is a big draw for me. IF Google took more control of Android and set more standards and rules and dropped the open source crap to insure standards and continuity (meaning no skins) then I would still be on Android. The GS3 is a sweet phone and while many here will vehemently disagree I would say its equal and in some ways better.

    I use all OS’s, iOS, BBOS, PalmOS, WebOS, WP OS, Android OS I use what works, not what everyone else says works.

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