“The iPhone 5 is the upgrade Apple needed. For all those iPhone 4 owners (and iPhone 3GS owners) who have been waiting for a device raised to a brand-new level, now looks like the time to jump,” Sascha Segan reports for PC Magazine. “I spent some time with a few iPhone 5 models at Apple’s launch event and came away impressed.”

“First, the build. I was never a huge fan of the iPhone 4/4S’s glass back; it’s flashy, but breakable, and the edges are a bit sharp. The new anodized aluminum back has a more durable feel and a much softer look to it, and the beveled corners are a little softer in the hand,” Segan reports. “The iPhone 5 is slimmer than the 4S at 7.6 millimeters, but of course it feels bigger because it’s taller. The 3.5-inch screen has been replaced by a longer 4-inch panel. This still isn’t a huge screen, so the phone doesn’t feel disproportionately large; rather, this feels like the size an iPhone should be, and when you hold an older iPhone in your other hand you laugh a little at the too-small screen.”

Segan reports, “Here’s the point: it’s an iPhone, but everything’s better. The screen’s better. The build is better. The camera is better. Voice call quality should be better, although I haven’t tested it. The Internet connection, with LTE, is much, much better. The processor’s better. Everything’s gorgeous, rock-solid, and better.”

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