PC Magazine hands on with Apple iPhone 5: ‘Everything’s better’

“The iPhone 5 is the upgrade Apple needed. For all those iPhone 4 owners (and iPhone 3GS owners) who have been waiting for a device raised to a brand-new level, now looks like the time to jump,” Sascha Segan reports for PC Magazine. “I spent some time with a few iPhone 5 models at Apple’s launch event and came away impressed.”

“First, the build. I was never a huge fan of the iPhone 4/4S’s glass back; it’s flashy, but breakable, and the edges are a bit sharp. The new anodized aluminum back has a more durable feel and a much softer look to it, and the beveled corners are a little softer in the hand,” Segan reports. “The iPhone 5 is slimmer than the 4S at 7.6 millimeters, but of course it feels bigger because it’s taller. The 3.5-inch screen has been replaced by a longer 4-inch panel. This still isn’t a huge screen, so the phone doesn’t feel disproportionately large; rather, this feels like the size an iPhone should be, and when you hold an older iPhone in your other hand you laugh a little at the too-small screen.”

Segan reports, “Here’s the point: it’s an iPhone, but everything’s better. The screen’s better. The build is better. The camera is better. Voice call quality should be better, although I haven’t tested it. The Internet connection, with LTE, is much, much better. The processor’s better. Everything’s gorgeous, rock-solid, and better.”

Full article, with video, here.


  1. According to The Verge, all the demo phones were running on WiFi, so I wonder how Segan got access to LTE. Knowing the source, he probably thought he was on LTE the whole time.

    1. I like the bottom location. Hold the phone in your hand while looking at the screen.
      Now lower your hand to your pocket. The top is down, jack at the bottom now works to run the cord up to your ears.

    2. BLN Is there ever an article you don’t post on? Don’t you have anything better to do than come here and whine every single day? Apple retarded? As we said as kids, “takes one to know one”

      1. The problem is not with his coming here every day, and commenting on every story. Not even with his whining. The problem is that everything he blabbers about is so STUPID!

    3. On the contrary. The new bottom location is a correction of a wrong placement. At the top it interferes with everything. At the bottom, the only thing it interferes with is your amazing stupidity! Try saying something intelligent for a change!

    4. You telling me you never had the lint trap issue? The headphone jack collecting lint because you put it in your pocket top down. Insert safety pin with phone upside down and fish out all the damn lint.

      Awesome move, use slurs referencing the handicapped! This is uncool @ssclown.

    5. I agree. I don’t like the Jack at the bottom. Still, much of the content and games are in landscape so it’s not an issue. The phone would have been a solid 10 if the jack was in the right place.

    6. I use the headphones on my iPhone more than anybody you’ll ever meet. Seriously. To the point where when I don’t have them on, I still move more carefully as if the cords were hanging there.

      The jack moving to the bottom is great, in my opinion. If you actually use the headphones with your phone in your pocket often enough, it makes total sense.

      I’m guessing that people who disagree are people that don’t use the damn things in the first place. Seriously, current iPhone is upside down when you take it out of your pocket (with headphones attached). It gets very annoying after a lot of use.

      Can’t you tell I’m getting annoyed as I’m typing??? Ha.

  2. Interesting article coming from an Android user. Addresses what makes the iPhone 5 stand apart from the copycat competition.

    Nothing new here on the review circuit. Fans love it and hateboys whine about the lack of this or that feature. Borrowed from a previous MDN take, “spec sheet shoot-out” in some minds is more important. If that’s all they have, good luck with that.

    The one-percent innovation crowd, time and time again, cannot trump the other 99 percent tight Hardware Software Ecosystem iPhone advantage.

    iPhone came first and with the latest upgrade simply continues to lead the smartphone revolution.

    1. MDN heads up:

      Used your app to post my previous comment. The plus symbol, typed on my iPhone 4Sshows up fine. But it disappears in the published comment.

      Comment should have read, “… Hardware PLUS Software PLUS Ecosystem …”

      Any suggestions?

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