Apple’s new iTunes 11: Everything you need to know (with video)

“With 450 million accounts tied to credit card numbers, iTunes is perhaps the world’s most commercially important if not best loved app ever,” Tapscape reports.

“That said, iTunes 11 is a highly ambitious rewrite of Apple’s jukebox, media warehouse, device manager and store application,” Tapscape reports. “Although all of that functionality is still housed under one roof, the company is hoping a dramatically simplified user interface and new features can bring back that loving feeling users once had for iTunes.”

Tapscape report, “The Cupertino kids aim to reset the relationship with the release of iTunes 11, which is due in late October.”

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    1. 1) Apple hasn’t announced anything about a late October release for iTunes 11.

      2) Why does late October release date for iTunes have anything to do with an iPad mini release? It didn’t make any difference for the new iPod touch and iPod nano releases.

      3) We all know left nuts are prone to exaggerating things . . . .

    2. Lol. I don’t care what everyone says about you. Your a f’n nut.
      Plus I agree with most you say. Though we do differ at some things. For instance I don’t have baller uh I mean balmer money like you. Couldn’t afford a ip5 and a new iPad (assuming you have one) and a iPad mini. That’s over kill, unless you have balmer money. I do have 2 out of the 3 (well not technically the ip5 yet buts it around the corner). Wouldn’t consider getting the 3rd. But that’s what I said about the iPad. I was one of those dumbies “Its just a bigger ipod, hell no” And here I am 3 iPads later. And 6 hours from preorder. And counting…..

  1. Apple’s new iTunes 11: Everything you need to know.


    How about editing tags… any improvements? Is disk burning still there now the optical drive is disappearing? How about importing from CD? Creating Smart Playlists?

      1. If that article said anything about font size in iTunes, I didn’t see it….

        btw, I know about the “Small” and “Large” settings in Preferences. But as with so many other things, “Large” is not large enough…

        I did find a hack a while back that lets you change the font and font size to your liking. Very nice, but it gets chunked with every iTunes update. Ahhhh, to have young eyes again…..

    1. slug? Please explain your view of sluggishness? I have 25,000 songs and about 400 gb of movies, videos, etc…the only drag I see is clicking on moveis and it takes about 3 seconds to start…songs take about a sec to come on..yeah it’s not instantanious but not too bad…

    2. I thought that had to do with your computer specs? Could be wrong. I have a Mac mini 4gb memory bla bla bla and iTunes is snappy enough. I’ve had older laptops where it would take forever. I’d have to open it and go eat dinner and come back. Once opened though, all was good.

  2. The new iTunes sounds nice for music and movies but how about all the other things that iTunes does like syncing iPhones and iPads to your computer and transferring files between PCs and iPads. Hey Apple, everyone doesn’t use iCloud and some of us in the evil Enterprise cannot use iCloud because of our resident IT Doofus Corps.

    So how does the new and improved iTunes 11 handle these other chores?

  3. The current iTunes is a bloated dinosaur. There are many functions that iTunes needs. How about creating and controlling playlist folders? How about selecting multiple playlists to add to a folder? There are many Adams iYunes applescripts that should really new part of core functionality. And yes, it is slow top respond to many interface calls.

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