Apple’s new dock connector named ‘Lightning’, new ‘Earpod’ headphones, ‘Loop’ iPod touch accessories, more

“According to our sources, Apple’s new, smaller 9-pin dock connector is dubbed ‘Lightning’ internally [see photo in the full article],” 9to5Mac reports. “As of this evening, we believe that this name will extend to the new connector’s marketing name. The moniker makes sense for two reasons. One: it goes along with the Thunderbolt connector name on the Mac (Thunderbolt and Lightning!). Two: perhaps ‘Lightning’ means that the new dock connector will be able to sync via a computer at faster speeds than the current 30-pin connector. With Apple’s new USB3-enabled Macs, we’d hope so anyway. It will sell for around $20 though previous reports indicated $10.”

“We’re also told that an entirely new version of Apple’s headphones will be announced tomorrow [see photo in the full article]. We’re told that these will be called ‘Earpods’ and will retail for the same price as the current headphones – $29 in the US. The acoustics are obviously improved and they may not fall out of your ears every time you turn your head,” 9to5Mac reports. “We’re also told that Apple will ship a unique new ‘Loop’ accessory in multiple colors for the new iPod touch. This new accessory will come in white+black, white+red, white+pink, white+yellow, and white+blue and retail for around $10.”

Read more and see the photos in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. So much for ‘Doubling Down on secrecy’. This, and now macrumors just revealed the official name for the new phone is leaked on Apple’s site.

    I don’t mind the leaks, but the market seems to be pissed about it. Tim Cook needs to just keep his mouth shut regarding ‘secrecy’ if this is what he means- he just looks like a fool when he says this… Even if a lot of the leaks were intentional.

    1. Have you noticed All the bullshit little things google has done to sabotage the new YouTube app?

      No option to ‘un-letterbox’ with a double tap. As far as I know this is a API that EVERY OTHER video app on iPhone does. So now you’re required to watch in letterbox. Lots of black bands… Some times verticle ones too depending on the video. Why would they do this- unless it’s to try and highlight how small the videos look on 3.5 inch screen with letterbox?
      Google: “no we won’t reimplement that feature that’s been around since the original 2007 iPhone- if you want bigger video get a phone with a bigger screen”

      Also- no software hardware control buttons? Why? Google wants us wearing out the physical buttons as fast as possible.

      And little things… No clock is visible during video in landscape. If I’m watching a documentary I often have need to check the time. What’s the point of removing this?

      New YouTube app sucks. They probably won’t fix it very quick. MDN is getting payed by google to advertise google’s shitty product.

      1. google is doing this to make the android you tube app seem better than the iOS version.

        It’s a tactic Microsoft employed in the 1990s to get mac users back on windows platform.

        Looks like google is studying micrsofts black book of how to try and steal market share.

        To be honest, best way to use you tube is in safari on the iPhone and iPad – not the app.

        I can easily live without you tube anyway so I’m all that bothered.

        Google is gonna have to work a hell of alot harder than that pathetic attempt to go anywhere near me considering usIng Shiite android OS.

  2. Besides the original iPhone launch, there’s been tidbits of info leaked prior to all other launches! Nothing new here. They’ve actually done a great job with secrecy with Cook at the helm.

    Especially considering nobody knows for sure what the hell Apple is going to announce today.

    1. Don’t use it. You’re over thinking it.

      Why do you and people like you always think out loud on these boards? Can you put a little effort into your thoughts BEFORE you hit Post?

      Cubert, you of all people are usually spot on with your first impressions after an event like this. What is it about a lanyard for a Nano or Touch gay?

          1. It’s not hostile or homophobic. It’s just a saying.

            FYI – I work for a non-profit organization that has about 250 employees. There are only 3 straight white males in the entire organization, and I’m one of them. I am the farthest thing from racist or homophobic – I’m just not the most politically correct.

            1. In spite of where you work and the hundreds of employees, you use sayings like gay-assed!

              You have no compassion. Either that, or you turn it on and off at will, depending on the company you keep.

              There’s a word for that.

  3. “…perhaps ‘Lightning’ means that the new dock connector will be able to sync via a computer at faster speeds than the current 30-pin connector.”

    Haven’t you heard? It is not better in any way, it is just Apple’s way to screw loyal customers and there will be no adaptors!

    Apple is so merciless and money hungry!

    Oh, the humanity!

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