Red States vs. Blue States: Apple’s iOS vs. Google’s Android

Mobile analytics company Apsalar has gathered data from over 100 million unique, active smartphones across the country to pit Apple against Android as if they were presidential candidates going after votes in the electoral college.

Apsalar provides Mobile Engagement Management solutions for mobile apps. Mobile app marketers can acquire, analyze, and re-market to engaged users through audience targeting, behavioral retargeting, and best-in-class analytics in order to take control of the complete user lifecycle and increase customer lifetime value. Founded in 2010 and based in San Francisco, Apsalar is backed by leading venture investors, Thomvest Ventures, Battery Ventures, and DN Capital. Apsalar has won numerous awards, including eWeek’s Top Ten Promising Mobile IT Startups in 2011.

Apple iOs vs. Google Android in U.S.A. Red States vs. Blue States

More info about Apsalar here.


    1. Well I live in Texas and hardly ever see any Androids here (except on store shelves and display tables).

      So if we’re an “Android” state… Where are they? Who is buying them?

      When I look around me, I see mostly iPhones.

    1. It’s backwards for politics, too. It was a transparent decision — to us insiders — by the mainstream media (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN at the time) to reverse the colors so as to not any further equate RED (commies) with the Democrats.

      1. … with the WARMONGERING Republicans?
        The Democrats are not “commies” any more than those who would self-identify as Republicans back when the colors were decided were “warmongers”.
        Perhaps they decided to use Red as the dominant color, as it is on the political map. To have Mass and Cali red and Fla and Tex blue, that just turns things whacky.

    2. Actually, the red and blue colors used to alternate between parties until some clueless media hack decided to nickname Republican states as Red states and it stuck. If we were to assign colors today the Democrats should be the ones who stay Red since the left of their party aspire to be communists.

      1. Or, keep it like it is since the right of your party aspire to be Nazi’s, and the Nazi flag was red…

        Also, how was the original guy a clueless media hack? I’m assuming that the particular election year he/she was covering red had been assigned to the Republicans, making it very ineligible to say the red states when speaking about them.

        I’d say the media hacks in the years that followed were the clueless ones (and you, of course)…not the first guy.

  1. Whew! I was about to hurl if Apple was associated with the Democrat Party of hate, intolerance and anti-capatalism! Oh, and the party of destroying the tradition of marriage for more votes! iPhone is Red cuz success, self-reliance, and integrity are red! Candy Apple Red, Baby! Go Apple!

    1. Its the DEMOCRATIC party, not the Democrat party. U do this as u don’t want pp to associate the DNC with Democratic ideas. And the DEMOCRATIC party is for capitalism but NOT crony capitalism that destroys the environment and gets corporate welfare from tax breaks…why are we still giving oil co. with record breaking revenue tax breaks?! And Obama proposed saving the auto industry and congress agreed…if that isn’t pro-capitalism and pro-patriotic I don’t know what is. OBAMA 2012

      1. After seeing the vote on the modification to the DPW* platform, there can be only one response to your post, Jimmy:

        There ain’t nothin’ “Democratic” about it.

        *DPW – Dead Party Whining.

  2. I’m from Texas. Nearly every adult I know has an iPhone. All the people I know that have Android phones (mostly high school kids) wish they had iPhones.

    Ballmer’s left nut and mossman know nothing of Texas.

    “You can all go to hell; I will go to Texas”
    ― David Crockett

    1. Unfortunately, everybody I know in TX uses cheap Android phones they purchased at Walmart. Prepaid. Most of them are in small, mostly rural areas. But the two people I know in San Antonio (also poor) have them. Not the same as my iPhone carrying Austinite friends of more means.

  3. As far as I can tell, people who give a whole lot of importance to colour as it relates to political leanings, need to get out of their mom’s basement.
    Why do you morons ALWAYS tie politics to any frikken article?

    Red = commie liberal bastards
    Blue ice cream cones= more liberal commie bastards
    New 25 megapixel camera’s in Samsung phones= even more liberal commie bastards


  4. The electoral college sucks. It was conjured up at a time when votes were inaccurately counted tallies were taken orally in town hall meetings and, in many areas, only educated male white property holders were allowed the privilege. The EC simplified the process. Times have changed, and the electoral college needs to go.

    Partisan assholes, which this former tech site attracts too many, should go away too.

  5. The map is interesting in that some (Western states) traditionally typical red voting states are in the iPhone camp.

    Politics nuked and everyone together recognizes the Apple appeal.

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