1. In the stem I can see it. If you cover the apple logo and just look at the other the stem makes you think Apple Inc.

    Not that people would probably confuse it, but it definitely is borrowing cache from Apple Inc. which means it is also diluting the brand.

  2. Apple needs to reign in it’s legal beagles as this will backfire on them in more ways than one. These logos do not even come close of looking alike? God given apples came way before Apple Inc.

    Come on.

    1. Not even close to looking the same?

      A.pl’s logo is a round shape with an identical stem above it(only tilted slightly more), and a freaking bite taken out of the right side where the ‘h’ melds into the background.

      That’s very close to the same.

      If A.pl gets away with this, then expect to see PCs in the near future with logos slapped on them that look almost, but not entirely, like the Apple logo with the intent to fool consumers even more than they’re already fooled by existing by iMac and Macbook knockoffs.

  3. OK folks, I know everyone is on edge for wednesday but take a breath. The logo is just 1/2. the web site for the place is not fresh24.pl,,,,,,, its A.pl So there you go.

    Another thought, I would guess its Apples Poland lawyers that are doing this, not the ones in the US.

    And its the same thing styrofoam has to do every time someone in the USA mentions stryofoam cups at an event….. they have to comment its expanded polystyrene cups unless they are actually styrofoam BRAND. If you do not, you can lose your logo. Its the law…….. crazy lawyers. 🙁

  4. It could be a grape, a gooseberry, an unripe tomato, an unripe orange, the list is small but apple isn’t the only green fruit. Besides, most apples are not green.

    The 24 is we are open 24 hrs, it’s not an A in disguise.

    Apple is going to look stupid with this one.

      1. a.pl is the parent company that owns Fresh 24, which has the logo in question… and the a.pl logo looks nothing like the Apple Inc. logo. So is the lawsuit against A.pl or Fresh 24? Either is ridiculous and the Apple legal team has Jumped the Shark on this one.

  5. If it was just fresh.pl with the apple I would be fine, but if they’re using a.pl then I think it’s a bit harder because they’re obviously trying to create the sound of the word apple and using an apple logo, albeit a differently style one is pushing it a bit.

    That said, are people stupid enough to think that a.pl would be something to do with Apple the sort of customers Apple should be too bothered about?

  6. The stylized stem was definitely inspired by the Apple logo, and I can see them taking some umbrage about that part, but I think this is a bit of a stretch on Apple’s part.

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