Microsoft’s beleaguered Nokia’s Lumia launch is another Elop Flop

“Nokia Corporation held its annual Nokia World event on September 5th and 6th, and at that event, it introduced its new Lumia 920 and new Lumia 820 smartphone devices,” Saibus Research writes for SeekingAlpha. “Like the Lumia Devices introduced last November, these phones are using Microsoft’s (MSFT) Windows Phone operating system. This product announcement was widely anticipated by Nokia’s stakeholders in the wake of its poor financial performance in the first half of 2012. The hopes and dreams of Nokia’s stakeholders helped the ADR price double from $1.69 in July to $3.39 in late August, before settling down at $2.45 on September 6th.”

“Nokia’s ADRs were at $2.83 on September 4th, but declined by 15% on the 5th as the Lumia phones on Windows Phone 8 were announced,” Saibus Research writes. “Unfortunately for Nokia, Nokia World’s Lumia Launch ended up being another Stephen Elop Flop.”

Saibus Research writes, “Nokia and Microsoft collaborated on the Lumia Windows Phone devices in order to help Nokia regain its leadership in the mobile phone industry and Microsoft could regain its leadership in the smartphone operating system. We remember that in 2005, Nokia was on top of the mobile phone industry, and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile was dominating the Smartphone operating system sector. That was before Apple introduced its cutting-edge iPhone device in 2007 and Samsung allegedly infringed upon Apple’s iOS operating patents with help from Google.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

“eFlop.” – MacDailyNews Take, September 10, 2010

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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      1. One more thing can be said: the phones aren’t bad and they would have gained traction three years ago, but Microsoft blundered and blustered, ignoring the sea change in mobile until it was too late.

    1. These phones are very impressive as is the OS. The next 2 years will be all about MSFT and Apple having at it again over a variety of devices and this one is sure to at the top of the list.

      1. If Windows Phone and the Lumia series are so impressive then shouldn’t they be, umm, not horribly failing?

        It isn’t like the Mac platform where it was great but held down by a predatory monopolist for roughly 20(!) years. The playing field is actually level this time. Microsoft and Nokia are competing – and flopping – in mobile based on solely their own merits. It might be safe to say that Lumias and WinPho actually aren’t so great.

    2. Mismanaged to the max. Couldn’t even communicate to their Ad Agency to actually use the actual phone for the commercial to shoot those video stabilization feature ads, instead of with DSLR’s! Such utter incompetency. When the news got out it was the final nail in the coffin as they just proved they cannot be trusted. Sad really that they couldn’t even get that right.

  1. While I’m solidly in the iPhone camp, Windows phone would be my second choice. Probably the 920, What was the real flop on Nokia’s part was in the way they went about marketing. Why fake photos and video? Just dumb.

  2. Just a thought. Its Microsoft’s direction…. “How do you monitize it?” ” Lets make the money FIRST..” Customer service etc, “Well, if we have the time!”

    Its the old school idea of SELLING a product. Make something and then SELL IT…. Even if its a good product, the company concept is SELLING IT… Remember what Steve said (New catch phrase… lol) “after a while you just have the salesman running the company.”

    Just a thought.

  3. Every so often I recall the Microsoft mock funeral staged on the Redmond campus, for Microsoft’s mobile competitors.

    Aaah, delicious Schadenfreude, gives me a nice, warm feeling!

    1. Nearly all my favorite videos of ‘The iPhone Funeral’ at the Microsoft campus have mysteriously disappeared from the Internet! Fascinating.

      Except THIS ONE:

      Forward the video to 11:15 and you’ll get to see the iPhone hearse followed by an iPhone corpse. The hi jinx end at 11:45. Microsoft apparently would rather not let you see their blundering fiasco. 😆

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