iPhone 5 pre-orders begin on September 12th; in-store sales start September 21st – report

“The iPhone 5 will be unveiled at a major Apple event on September 12th. You will likely be able to preorder the iPhone 5 on September 12th after it is announced,” BostInno reports.

“Through AT&T and Verizon, we have confirmed that the in-store iPhone 5 release date will be September 21st,” BostInno reports. “As mentioned before you can still pre-order the iPhone 5 on September 12th and it will be delivered starting September 21st.”

BostInno reports, “I would act fast on preordering the iPhone 5 as this is one of the most anticipated product releases in history.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. I’m hoping that Verizon allows some of us who were first in line for the iPhone 4 to upgrade early. I’m thinking I’m eligible for an upgrade about Oct. 12th-ish . . . several weeks after iPhone 5 launch.

    I realize they don’t take all of that into consideration, but my guess is there are droves of folks just like me who will be chomping at the bit but will have to wait. And if they are sold out, I won’t be a happy dude.

      1. No, Chris. That actually factors in the early upgrade.
        If memory serves, they sold a million iPhones to Verizon customers during the opening weekend (or week, perhaps). That puts a lot of people in the same exact situation as me.
        Would be a helluva great PR move if they let us “early adopters” to the iPhone on their network get the chance to be first in line again. I am not, however, holding my breath.

          1. Fact 1: Verizon is the only viable option I have where I live for cellular service.
            Fact 2: The phones are heavily subsidized. They don’t lower my bill after I’ve gotten through my contract, so if I don’t get a new phone I’m really only screwing myself.

        1. Banning an IP has not been effective sine 1998? You must own nothing but Apple products? Samsung invites you to set aside the Kool-Aid, cover up your poster of Steve Jobs and buy a real smartphone. You know you want a Galaxy S3. Come on go ahead and experience what real tech is like.

          1. You know, it’s frightening that they actually let ignorant, mis-informed trolls like you out of the basement….oh, wait……they probably don’t….which is why you feel the need to post such drivel.

          2. If you are pitiful enough to use proxies to post your drivel then you REALLY have gone wrong somewhere in your miserable life.

            It is amazing what some people will do for a few ₩ per month.

      1. BMW is more like a high-end PC. All the focus is on the drive, and nothing on the ride. They are over-engineered, overcomplicated, and unintutive.

        Apple is more like Mercedes-Benz.

        Solid and thorough, straight to the core.

        1. Don’t compare Apple to Mercedes… Apple is high end, great and holds its value… Mercedes is the first two.. but value drops dramatically more than other cars.

          Its more of a Bently than anything else… minus the cost.

  2. Before the 4S launch, rumors were persistent regarding the iPhone having a tear drop design, LTE, NFC and there will be an hinge mini.

    Let’s see if all these “leaked” images are actually the real ones

  3. Count 3 in our family. But unfortunately we have to wait for 2 Driods to expire on their upgrade. [Hate to say I told them so. But I did. 2 cases of “Droid Purchase Regret” going on here. But the “I told you so’s are sweet.]

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