“Nokia CEO Stephen Elop took the stage at a Chelsea loft space in Manhattan this morning, kicking off an unveiling of new devices running on Microsoft’s ‘Windows Phone’ operating system, the two companies’ latest bid to make headway in market dominated by Apple and Google,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

“The company unveiled two new devices, the ‘Lumia 920’ and the ‘Lumia 820,’ representing the high-end and more mainstream versions of the line that Nokia introduced last year,” Ray reports. “The shares swooned during the event, apparently selling off on the news. The stock is down 38 cents, 13.4%, at $2.45. There was some discussion by analysts of the disappointing lack of details on pricing and availability for the devices, and the lack of ‘punch’ or ‘wow’ in the Windows software functions discussed.”

Ray reports, “Elop says part of the company’s intention is ‘future disruption,’ which includes not just fundamental work on battery and display technology, but also changing what people think of as an ‘ecosystem’ for mobile devices.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apparently, Elop wants people to think 2 phone cases, no automobile integration, an empty online application market, and matching nail polish is the new definition of “ecosystem.”

Ray reports, “Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says its ‘amazing how far we’ve come in just 18 months’ since forming the partnership. Ballmer is here to provide ‘a little bit broader context’ to things. ‘Make now mistake about it, this is a year for Windows,’ he says. ‘Windows Phone, Windows tablets, Windows PCs, this is a year for Windows.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, “this is a year for Windows” to continue its headlong race to irrelevance.

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