Apple’s rumored new 9-pin Micro Dock Connector may be nearly identical in size as Micro USB

“New images released on Saturday compare what appear to be a Micro-A USB cable with the smaller 9-pin dock connector Apple is rumored to be deploying with the sixth-generation iPhone, showing the two components share almost identical dimensions,” AppleInsider reports.

“The purported 9-pin format is nearly identical in size to the Micro USB plug, though Apple’s rumored part appears to be slightly longer and thinner,” AppleInsider reports. “According to sources, the supposed new plug will feature a layout with eight pins exposed on either side of a metal shell which serves as a ninth contact, thus allowing for orientation-independent use. With the new design, users will no longer have to make sure that the connector is right side up when inserting it into an iDevice.”

Read more and see the photos in the full article here.


  1. I was wondering about that.

    IIRC the EU directive only requires all phone sold in the EU be able to *charge* using the micro-USB standard, no need for any data capabilities.

    If this new port accepts both, that meets the EU directive *and* (bonus) you don’t need to worry which side of the micro-USB is “up” when plugging into the new port.

      1. What adaptors? I live in England, and the two iPhones and two iPods I own came with standard dock cables, designed to fit any regular USB port. I have no idea what adaptors you are talking about, I’ve never seen such a thing.

    1. They are standard USB, on the end that plugs into a regular USB port, anyway. On the other end, there’s a whole bunch of different mini and micro plugs that are used, meaning I have to carry a variety of cables around to charge various devices, like mini speakers, my camera, my phone…
      The only common connector is the large USB plug on the charger end.
      Apple’s connector cable carries connections for data and a number of legacy connections, which Apple are ditching, meaning the port can be significantly smaller.

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