Obama has trouble with Apple iPhone

“On the campaign trail, President Obama is constantly talking about the importance of technology, but he met his match in an iPhone Sunday,” Dave Boyer reports for The Washington Times. “The president had stopped at a campaign office in Port St. Lucie, Fla., to thank volunteers. Then, for the cameras, Mr. Obama was supposed to call two campaign workers who were out working on his behalf.”

“But when White House trip director Marvin Nicholson handed the president his personal iPhone, Mr. Obama couldn’t get it to work. A reporter who witnessed the scene said the president looked ‘befuddled,'” Boyer reports. “‘It’s not clear he knows how to dial on an iPhone,’ the reporter wrote in a pool report.”

Boyer reports, “Finally, Mr. Obama said, ‘Oh, I got to dial it in. Hold on, hold on. I can do this. See, I still have a BlackBerry.’ The president then “had a little more trouble dialing,” the pool report said. The president then has more trouble dialing.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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        1. Wow, I see a lot of people argue on here and say a lot of stupid stuff. But never anything is despicable as this. gelnWuzz, you embarrass everyone who reads this site when you say crap like that. It wasn’t funny, it wasn’t clever, and it was completely unnecessary. It’s really a shame people like you think that it’s ok to say things like that to other people. Esp people you don’t even know.

          1. It was harsh but not much worse than the comment he responded to.

            Original post made fun of Obama a politician. All politicians are fair game, comes from being a politician. Then His Shadow took a shot at all conservatives. You do that you open yourself to any and all return fire.

            Sorry, you’re wrong about the response being the most despicable. It was crude and rude and I wouldn’t have said it but His Shadow isn’t some innocent victim.

            1. Reread His Shadow’s post again. He isn’t making fun of conservatives. He’s saying Obama is still the least qualified man in any room he enters, even a room full of what he calls “rightist retards”. So, in his opinion, even “rightist retards” are more qualified that Obama. As for glenWuzz’s comment, it was truly despicable.

            2. On September 12, 2008 , the Obama’s campaign released an ad attacking John McCain for not knowing how to send an e-mail. The reason that McCain couldn’t send emails was because Viet Cong had done quite a job on McCain, an American war hero who actually accomplished things in life before running for president.

        2. That’s a nice blast from the past, and I am amazed that sex (well one aspect of it at least) is being brought up. Personally I think it ranks right up there with “You are the load of cum that your mother should have swallowed” but others have made a point that this type of comment is not appropriate for a sexually repressed violently enhanced society.

          Now something along the lines “Your mother should have taken you to tour of the world trade center a few years ago” might be more appropriate, since that’s all about violence, and just violence.

        1. I have used an iPhone numerous times, mostly the apps. I have had to think for a moment when using my wife’s iPhone 4 to find the dial pad, as I have a blackberry from work.

          I have iMacs, iPod touches, iPods etc. A couple of time, I had to search for a moment wondering where the dial pad is in the phone app if it isn’t up.

      1. Agreed. Standing in front of a pack of waiting press photographers is not the place to figure out unfamiliar tech gadgets. (And I am one of His Shadow’s “rightest retards”). This is a poor excuse for a “story”.

      2. Well, let’s see….. My 4 year old son has no trouble using our iPhone; He loves getting email & calls from his 87 year old grandmother…..but he really enjoys Facetime!

        Maybe there is still some “Hope” for Obama, he may just have a little trouble moving “Forward”…..

      3. Of course, if this was President George W. Bush, then this would be a smart conversation and the news would not be on MDN but airing every five minutes on MSNBC’s retinue of leftist lunatic losers, absolutely!

        1. I’m fairly liberal, and I personally can’t watch MSNBC. It is ridiculous. I’m certainly no fan of Fox News, but MSNBC is far worse…

          You’re right though, if it were W, it would be EVERYWHERE. And it would still be just as much of a non-story to those of us who actually think.

          1. Agreed.

            Most likely, this non-story will be ignored by the major media.

            However, when Bush senior was campaigning remember a similar befuddled tech moment involving a grocery scanner.

            A non-story the major media relished and launched an avalanche of negative media news. Bush was portrayed as out of touch and on and on …

            What goes around, comes around. Exception: Unless of course, you work for the media.

      4. it is widely reported that Einstein couldn’t balance his checkbook.

        The Washington Times is a paper that caters to the political right. Of course they’re going to show The Democrat as being “challenged”.

          1. Interesting.

            It has been found that in most households its the lady of the house that looks after the check book. Just ask you mom or better half.

            And that true even in the homes of the Sec of the Treasury, Federal Reserve chairman, bankers, and other so-called financial ‘wizards’.

            1. …and it seems some of those other governmental experts of which you spoke can’t even file their taxes properly. Let’s face it: they can’t pave friggen roads either but they can sure shovel enough manure to fertilize the Sinai Desert.

        1. If this happened to Romney, I’ll bet the farm all newspapers that cater to the political left, the majority, would have gleefully reported the story.

          And the Washington Times, as well.

      5. Payback is a bear.

        Four years ago the Obama campaign ridiculed McCain for not personally using email. It did not matter that the reason he could not was the results of injuries sustained during his time as a POW.

    1. US President for Canada!

      We have had more than our share of bumbling idiots. We don’t need another one.

      Virtually half of our Prime Ministers have been Francaphones from Quebec.

      I rest my case.

      1. Romney is a very successful business man. You don’t get to the top levels of business if you are a dunce.

        You may not like him or disagree with his politics but he will be immensely better at getting the US economy rolling then Obama, who has lead the worst economic recovery since the great depression.

        1. Really? If business has all the answers and is the magical savior, WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN ALL THIS TIME? Let me guess, gop default answer # 2 it’s the “regulation”. BS.. Couldn’t be all the obstructionist’s doing all they can to make him a one term president could it. We are suppose to just forget those statements, forget that dereliction. Business is gonna save us. RIGHT.

          Clearly you have not spent much time in corporate America. Dunce typically = “Middle manager”. In other dunce news: Have you seen Steve Ballmer? Michael Dell?

          MItt was “successfully” born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he wasn’t successful at growing ANYTHING except his own wallet. He was “successful” at buying companies, selling their assets and FIRING the employees. A job he so famously told the world he enjoys.

          You sir are living in fantasy land.

          1. Obama created 6 trillion dollars in debt. All the money he spent to “get the economy rolling again” was borrowed from China. And unless you want to lose another 6 trillion dollars, I suggest you vote Romney, because voting Obama is like backing up the Titanic and hitting another iceberg.

    1. Nobody knows. Obama won’t release his college records.

      Here’s a possible reason why:

      Obama got a leg up by being admitted to both Occidental and Columbia as a foreign exchange student. He was raised as a young boy in Indonesia. But did his mother ever change him back to a U.S. citizen? When he returned to live with his grandparents in Hawaii or as he neared college-age preparing to apply to schools, did he ever change his citizenship back? I’m betting not.

      If you could unseal Obama’s Columbia University records I believe you’d find that:

      A) He rarely ever attended class.

      B) His grades were not those typical of what we understand it takes to get into Harvard Law School.

      C) He attended Columbia as a foreign exchange student.

      D) He paid little for either undergraduate college or Harvard Law School because of foreign aid and scholarships given to a poor foreign students like this kid Barry Soetoro from Indonesia.

      Read more:

      “President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.” – Clint Eastwood, September 7, 2012


      1. What a pile of birther shite.

        Mitt Romney’s tax records will tell America something he really doesn’t want them to know, he is a tax dodger and a cheat. Makes perfect sense to me that Mr. “My Business sense is what we need” should release the filing’s and show us just how successful he is at gaming the American tax system. Perhaps we could all learn a new trick or two to help us out..

        1. A few weeks back I went to lunch and in front of the local post office there was a conservative group with a bunch of signs and posters with pictures of Obama having a Hitler mustache all over them. Last week I saw a liberal group with a bunch of posters and signs with Romney having a Hitler mustache all over them. I’m not sure which holds the copyright on having likened a political leader to the worst murderer in recent history, but someone needs to sue someone.

      1. So explain how the socialist commie engineers at Apple can make such great products. You do realize that about 80% of Apple employees here are Libtard Democrats, don’t you? BTW about the same ratio across town at Google too. It takes education to work at either, something the gaptoothed bible thumping teabaggers generally lack. I think you are confusing things with the Dell folks down south.

        1. Shh… don’t tell him that. All great tech is created by super conservative, republican religious zealots. They are the free thinkers who think outside the box and create things that change the world.

        2. I could believe that Apple retail employees who are at the lower end of the education and pay scale and are mostly young are Democrats or liberals, they make up a disproportionate amount of Apples employee counts. I don’t except that 80% of the educated hard working well paid engineers are democrats without some proof.

          Do you have any?

          1. I do. I don’t know about the random statistic that was thrown out, but the majority of them are Dems (and even those that are not Dems because of the Dems’ hostile tax structure, are certainly overwhelmingly still very liberal otherwise). But I have no proof that you would accept.

            1. Ryan’s plan is certainly worse, but the current tax structure is still very hostile in my opinion. Perhaps not as much to the majority, but that doesn’t make it any more fair. And it isn’t only the infamous “1%” that is punished. It is all the of middle/upper middle class working people and small business owners that suffer under it.

              We are in need of sweeping tax reform. Unfortunately, no one on either side wants to begin to approach it correctly.

  1. I saw this last night, knew it would show up here.

    The man HAS an iPad… We’ve seen it. The iPhone shouldn’t have been a problem.
    Stunts like this are planned (he didn’t just on the spot decide to make calls…) this should have been rehearsed ahead if time. Someone on staff gave him the iPhone.. It should have been ready to go all he had to do was press send etc.

    So at least some/half the blame does need to fall on his staff..

    But how much you want to bet the blackberry/android crowd are having a blast with the story?

    1. No, imagine if it had been pre-dialed for him: “His Highness doesn’t need to lift a precious ring-encrusted finger even to just dial a simple, phone number. He has people to do that for him”. etc.

      or “How many people does it take to dial a phone number for King Obama? A village”. etc etc

      You can’t win either way in this wannabe third world country.
      So no, dialing it for him would not have helped. Then again, most Americans have no idea how to use their iPhone, trust me.

          1. the press WOULD NOT HAVE REPORTED anything if it was ready to go.

            Putting in a number ahead of time is not dialing, I said They should have given the phone to him and all he had to do was hit send. Not open the phone app, enter the number then dial.. That’s what confused him.

            And FYI… This is common with campaigns. Hand the guy the phone ready to go so there are NO issues.. You don’t hand your opposition anything that can be used like this.

            I am no Obama fan.. But like I said, some/half the blame is on his staff.

  2. Don’t worry, the way Romney keeps falling in the polls and keeps backtracking and contradicting his running mate, Obama will be around for quite some time as an occasion for more conservative angst.

    1. A falsehood based on Democrat skewed polls that is intended to demoralize Republican voters and suppress turnout.

      It won’t work.

      President Romney and Vice President Ryan.

      Get used to it.

      1. More lies! Your basing this on Republican skewed polls about Democratic skewed polls intended to demoralize Democratic voters into showing up on the day after the election because ….. oh hell I ran out of stupid rhetoric. I need a random catch phrase rhetoric machine.

      2. @F2T2:

        Yes indeed, the polls are skewed. Tweaking the methodology in numerous ways you can achieve different results.

        If I remember correctly, Dukakis had a 17-point lead immediately after the DEM convention reported by NYT and lost. Carter also held a large lead after his convention and lost.

        Bottom line: Media polls are next to meaningless. Internal campaign polling is more focused, geographical and precise.

        1. I see the real polls everyday and I’ve already explained in other comments how the game works:

          It’s already over, you just haven’t been told to think it yet. The mainstream media won’t tell you what to think until after they reap the political ad spending windfall.

          Or you could finally learn to think for yourself.

          Your choice.

          Again, President Romney and Vice President Ryan. Get used to it.

          1. You have no idea which is totally understandable.

            I have decades of work experience and know how internal polling and the media works without revealing details.

            Been thinking for myself all my life, thank you very much.

            As an often ignored and maligned independent by both parties and the media, unless something major changes my mind, I’m leaning your way.

        2. not only that, but carter had like an 8 point lead over Reagan in the weeks leading up to the election.

          Or so they claimed, Cause Carter’s 2nd term…. Wait, he lost.

          As all the real political junkies know, the only polls to even remotely believe are those in the final week… And internal polls.

          Get this, the “polls” today say Obama up 3-5 points… Yet the state polls in 5 battleground states… Show Romney gained ground over Obama.

          You do not hear those polls being mentioned in the media though…. Wonder why?

      3. Do you really believe the nonsense that comes out of your pie hole? Does it go right into your lemming brain via clear channel and then you recite thegarbage on cue or what?

        I would love to watch you try to solve puzzles, I am sure it would be fascinating in a Jane Goodall way..

  3. Well, it must be fairly. Ew for him to “dail” out from the phone. Since he has people to do everything for him, he basically answers the phone, checks emails, and looks up what is need. An iPad and iPhone differ little except of the “phone” part.

    You wanna bet the iPhone would have worked flawlessly if he had his assistant make the call. Probably better to have used Siri. No issue… Move On.

    1. One report? More like one more report of thousands. I didn’t need to know that Obama was inept at using an iPhone to confirm my assessment of his failure as a president. However, the news that Obama couldn’t grasp the rudimentary functions of an iPhone is laughable.

        1. C1, Jimmy Carter was and is a smart man but a horrible president. Obama is smart also and a great speaker and a wonderful father and husband.. and he’s Jimmy Carter’s 2nd term.

          He’s a terrible president.

          Bill Clinton started out liberal like Obama and got slaughtered in the mid term elections putting the first Republican congress in power in 40 years. Clinton had his come to Jesus moment and went moderate. He passed welfare reform and helped balance the budget. Then we had a huge economic boom that lasted until the Sep 11 attacks.

          Obama got slaughtered in the mid terms worse than Clinton but he remained a hard liberal and defiant and the results are plain to see.

          He won’t be elected again and it won’t be close.

            1. Hey Chrissy, good to see you around here again.

              With these guys EVERYTHING is Left vs. Right now. There’s no need for thinking or analysis of issues. Politics is now a team sport – you either root for one team or the other. Makes it easy for the mentally challenged.

              I’m considering setting up a website to sell Conservative and Liberal jerseys. It is really sad what this has gotten to.

            2. So, ChrissyOne thinks that the election has nothing to do with politics. What a maroon. Just take a gander of the EU’s social and economic failures generated by socialism.

          1. T-Moon:

            Your points are well taken. Thanks for telling it like it us.

            Obama and Carter are good people on many levels. But not good at looking out for everyone and both have a track record of terrible legislators.

            While others talk about unimportant team terminology, t-shirts, media/Hollywood love and grandiose speeches what is needed is plain and simple.

            Experienced leadership.

  4. Let’s be serious folks – he’s not allowed to use most devices for security reasons. And we have known for a long time that he has and iPad and a Blackberry. It’s not an ordinary Blackberry – it’s one that is provided to him by some agency and is secure etc. Grow up, stop looking for things to criticize and try to see the big picture.

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