Apple, FBI deny hacker claim of breach of Apple iOS device user data

“Apple Inc. and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation denied claims by hackers who said they stole information on 12 million Apple Inc. user accounts from an FBI computer,” Jordan Robertson and Adam Satariano report for Bloomberg.

“Many of the hackers’ claims, posted this week in a long online missive from the group calling itself Anonymous. The FBI said in a statement yesterday that there was ‘no evidence indicating that an FBI laptop was compromised or that the FBI either sought or obtained this data,'” Robertson and Satariano report. “Apple said it didn’t provide any user information to the FBI or other organizations. ‘The FBI has not requested this information from Apple, nor have we provided it to the FBI or any organization,’ said Natalie Kerris, an Apple spokeswoman.”

Robertson and Satariano report, “The hackers may have posted some legitimate users’ device names and the unique identifier codes assigned to their iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches, according to Sean Sullivan, a security adviser at F-Secure Corp. who examined a data file that the hackers released. It isn’t known whether the hackers really have the other information they claim to have redacted from the data file, including user names, mobile phone numbers and addresses. ‘What they have released is not a very serious breach at all,’ Sullivan said in an interview. As for claims that the information came from the FBI, he said, ‘they’ve offered no additional corroborating evidence, they’ve offered nothing else — they’ve immediately demanded no interviews. I think they’ve made it up.'”

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    1. They did not deny it.

      They just said “There is not any evidence that it came from us. There is not any evidence of us asking for it.”
      And if some one GAVE it to the FBI, they can say all day long that they did not ASK for it. Just avoid the facts of what really is going on.

      Well if those folks have more of the data, and they release it…

  1. ต้องการรู้Apple IDของตัวเองและอีเมลกับรหัสผ่าน ผมทำไม่ได้ก็เกิดการมั่วครับ

  2. Then the question is from where did AntiSec obtained this 12 million UDIDs database?

    1) Someone from Apple leaked it,
    2) or AntiSec hacked Apple’s servers,
    3) or FBI used Bush’s law that binds corporations to submit data for almost any random vague “safety” reason based on secret (yes, this is what the law says) court order?

  3. Of course the FBI have no record of doing dodgy shit against the US citizenry and Annoymous have no record of uncovering it. Guess we should take the Feds at their word – less we end up believing the world is run by the elitist sociopathic mob who blow up buildings in New York with radio controlled military planes and blame it all to on dumb fuck saudis to maintain a financial edge over the hoi poloi. Oh shit, but then that’s exactly how it is.

    1. Yoyo, and that is indeed the perfect name, for such a vile little shit as you. You do the most appalling dishonour to all those poor souls who died in the planes flown into the Twin Towers, who tried to fight against those responsible, and died a dreadful death. Radio controlled military aircraft? Give me a fucking break. Moron.

  4. I could not help but notice that Anonymous gets a pass on all this. Dipshits.

    The good news: UDID will vanish with the advent of iOS 6. Plus, what the frigtard script kiddies stole are the equivalent of a few strands of a web, not the whole web. The fragments of data in an individual. UDID likely do not compromise a user’s identity, something that AntiSec, in their lame attempt to sound important, omitted from their self-important manifesto.

    I agree with another posting above that they probably hacked a third party developer, who should not have been using UDID this way. But developers always think they are smarter than you. Their penchant for hacking the rules is a big reason why so much software is such a fustercluck trainwreck.

    Meanwhile, the media, as usual ran with antiSec’s lies verbatim, which was exactly what these punks hoped would happen. They got the media to shame the FBI for having busted Anonymous last year and Apple, just because Apple is the target du jour.

    Thanks for getting pwnd, media. Idiots.

    1. Script kiddies? I think you are clueless man.

      AtomicReferenceArray which was the vulnerability used to get this data was reportedly run against an FBI laptop. I’m sorry but that is beyond the realm of script kiddies, and if it was script kiddies they just moved up a notch in the hacker realm and have real talent. I look forward to their future exploits!

      They stole the information to inform the public, you can read that right in their release about the matter!

      Its ok though, you go ahead and condemn away anyone who dares to think different and question things. God forbid anyone out there takes an interest in finding out what kind of information the government is collecting on us in this new digital age.

      It truly floors me when Apple users freak out about hackers. Steve Jobs and the Woz’s first product was a flippin’ blue box man. The company was founded by two members of the hacker culture.

      I guess in the end its all become a quest to conform, not ask questions and just sit on our asses waiting for our next spoon fed wonder iDevice that has us locked in a walled garden sucking on our iTard thumbs.

      You are a f*cking joke.

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