Apple’s new Dock Connector Adapter to sell for $10; new USB cables for $19, sources say

“Responding to earlier reports that Apple hasn’t offered developers parts or specs for next-generation Dock Connector accessories, additional sources have confirmed to iLounge that Apple will be the exclusive initial vendor of a new Dock Connector Adapter, to be sold individually and/or in three-packs,” Jeremy Horwitz reports for iLounge.

“According to sources, the Dock Connector Adapters will sell for approximately $10 each or three for $29, with Apple-branded new USB cables selling for $19 each,” Horwitz reports. “For reference, Apple’s MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter sells for $9.99, while international pricing for Apple’s earlier iPhone Micro USB Adapter is €9 ($11) or £8 ($13).”

Horwitz reports, “Some developers fear that Apple will corner the market for both the adapters and cables, much as it did with MagSafe connectors for MacBook laptops, using licensing agreements and threats of lawsuits to prevent less expensive third-party solutions from coming to market. One source notes that Apple will reap a windfall by limiting competition in this manner…”

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  1. Apple should just include a free adapter with each iPhone 5. They would still sell a lot (many people would like a spare) but would avoid the public relations drubbing they will take for the approach outlined in the article. The one category I would give Apple an ‘F’ grade for is PR…

      1. Then how would you charge the phone dumbass?
        Of course the cable will come with the phone.

        The USB connector has been around since the iPod mini was first released back in 2004 and even earlier with the FW version.

        Why does Apple have to stick to this design especially if it means they have to compromise on future products? Move on guys.

  2. If true, I don’t like this one bit. Image is very important to Apple at this stage. Include one connector and one adapter with every new iPhone. It will have almost zero impact to their margins.

    1. Mr Jesus, did you actually read the article you posted the link to? Perhaps you could quote the bit that says Nokia use the same dock connector, because all I could find were references to the Nokia using wireless charging.
      You *can* read, I take it?

    1. Don’t you know that people who post to blogs reporting rumors by unknown, anonymous sources are the KEY to finding the pulse about an unannounced product which has not been seen by the public yet?!?

      1. The difference is that I can choose another manufacturer to purchase my fuel from, I can ride my bicycle, or I can walk. The choice is mine. Apple is locking me in to buying their cable or no cable at all. That althegeo is nothing more than greed. Think about that, if you can.

        1. ” I can choose another manufacturer to purchase my fuel from”

          Actually that analogy doesn’t work. The fuel would be the electricity – which is regulated and you can plug in anywhere (safely) without damaging the phone.

          In your analogy the cable is like the fuel bowser / hose. In my country the hose is high quality and certified and seldom cause fiery deaths. Now you may want to gamble on that, I don’t.

          Cheap cables…wah wah. $10 for an adapter is a good deal. I have about 10 original cables and bought over 20 fakes (from different suppliers)… I have NEVER broken an original Apple one. How many cheap knock offs have broken? Well I have 2 left and I refuse to use them now. They cost MORE in the long run. And the last one caused my phone to overheat from faulty wiring.

  3. Apple Should not keep anyone from making these. They only do that because the USB cables cost about .25 to make. So that’s a nice markup. For such a cheap part.

    Not to change subject but if apple don’t turn around some things I am looking at elsewhere on somethings. I love apple but lion and ML have been crap. I think the iPad is great and so is the iPhone but I believe apple is letting the desktop slip. And the new Samsung note 10″ looks cool. You can split screen and write notes and do things I wish my iPad woukld do

  4. I’m going to stick with my iPhone 4S for a few more years until the 3rd party product variety for the iPhone 5 connector reaches the level that it’s currently at for the 30 pin connector, and when apple loosens its grip on controlling the distribution of the new connector.

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