Sharp’s output of next-gen Apple iPhone displays falling behind schedule, says source

“Sharp Corp has fallen behind schedule on production of screens for Apple Inc’s latest iPhone just weeks before a planned major launch, a source told Reuters on Friday,” Reiji Murai reports for Reuters.

“The Japanese display maker is struggling with high costs that have cut into its margins on the screens, raising the question of whether Apple might provide financial incentives to speed up production, the source said,” Murai reports. “The source, who is familiar with Sharp’s production operations, did not give an indication of how far behind the output had fallen.”

Murai reports, “Sharp President Takashi Okuda said on August 2 that his company would begin mass production and shipments from its Kameyama LCD plant in central Japan this month. The facility is widely known to make screens for Apple, but Sharp has declined to acknowledge that Apple is a customer.”

“Apple, which is also tapping other suppliers such as Japan Display and South Korea’s LG Display Co for displays, is planning a major product launch on September 12,” Murai reports. “The new iPhone screens will be thinner than previous versions with the use of so-called in-cell panels. The new technology embeds touch sensors into the liquid crystal display, eliminating the touch-screen layer found in current iPhones. Sources earlier told Reuters that the panels will extend 4 inches corner to corner — 30 percent bigger than current iPhones.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Or use Samsung and not have this issue. Apple now have three suppliers. imagine what’s going to happen when just one doesn’t manufacture to correct standards. u can expect iphone 5 to be a lemon.

        1. and of course the source is ” familiar with Sharp’s operations”…. So am I … They manufacture stufff…. I happen to know they are ahead of schedule…. So far ahead they have started production of panels for the next generation of IPhones to be released in 2013…. I know that was a secret but I just had to tell someone.

  2. No surprise. Whether you like or dislike Samsung, the one thing they do very well is deliver quality components on time. This explains why almost every tech toy, device or gadget has a huge Samsung footprint in them.

    Would love to see what a Sharp or LG Plant looks like compared to a Samsung Plant.

  3. Every time the release of a new iPhone comes along, there are always the rumors of Apple not being able to get some components. I called this over a month ago. The problem with the component shortage story is that no one outside of Apple knows after how many millions of devices have been assembled do the shortages occur. There are only so many devices that can be manufactured in a limited amount of time so at some point shortages are bound to occur. They’ll never be able to build as many iPhones as demand requires, so it can’t be helped.

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