Tokyo court rules Samsung did not violate Apple patent

“A Tokyo court ruled on Friday that Samsung Electronics’ mobile devices did not violate an Apple Inc patent involved in synching mobile devices and computers, awarding the South Korean maker a victory a week after it lost a bruising landmark patent case in the United States,” Reuters reports.

“In rejecting Apple’s suit, Tokyo District Court Judge Tamotsu Shoji said Samsung’s products did not infringe on the U.S. firm’s technological scope,” Reuters reports. “A U.S. federal jury found last week that Apple did not infringe on any of Samsung’s patents, while the South Korean firm had copied key features of iPhone.”

Reuters reports, “The same jury awarded Apple $1.05 billion in damages and it is now seeking speedy bans on the sale of eight Samsung phones in the U.S. market. ‘We welcome the court’s decision, which confirmed our long-held position that our products do not infringe Apple’s intellectual property,’ Samsung said in a statement following the verdict from the Tokyo court.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: You know, because one patent being ruled on by one court means you didn’t copy a hundred others.

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

Here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:

Google Android before and after Apple iPhone


    1. Chris’s post represents what being an apple hater is like. You have to crawl around on news boards of products you hate (or at least are venomously jealous of) and post absurdly stupid things.

      Wat a sad existence these little haters have. Chris, let go of you hate, lift yourself up. Honestly, your mindless hate will hold you down in life.

      1. I actually thought Chris was being sarcastic and funny which would then be correct. If he believes was he said he’s just another geek spinning his own reality not based on any facts. Plenty of those types out there. Similar to revisionist types who say the Holocaust didn’t happen. Complete imbeciles.

        1. Well ok if it was ironic sarcasm (a la Zunetang) and I missed it, then yes I agree it was humorous.

          Interesting point ithat brings to light though, how pathetic are the current trolls if they are virtually indistinguishable from sarcasm.

    2. Chris… Did Apple break up you… You act like a person who got dumped and now tries to access their Facebook wall to leave nasty messages …. Or does being a troll somehow satisfy a need you have to try and rain on other peoples parade….sociopath … Look it up… Then seek help….

    3. Chris is being sarcastic, that is soooo obvious it hurts.
      It is rather depressing that some people posting on these forums can’t see it. One would think Apple users would not be so inclined to take things at face value. I guess, increased numbers lowers the overall level on average.

  1. Wait a second! If Samsung is a Korean company, why did they hold a case in Japan? Furthermore, evidence is clear, Apple is a US based company, with US patents filed and secured. It appears to me that having this case in Japan or any other country is just stupid and a waste of time and money, not to mention underminding our judicial system and not validating a valid claim to a patent. If you ask me Japan has no jurisdiction here. I’m sorry that’s just how I feel.
    I guess I will come out with an operating system that looks like Windows, feels like Windows have the same look and icons and call it Shutters.

    1. Patent laws are not like copyright laws. A patent in one country does not apply in any other country. Worldwide protection requires applying for patents in each individual country you want want protection for. This can be speeded up through the world wide Patent Protection Treaty, handled through the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), that can kickstart start the process of applying for a patent in each country. But you would still have to defend your patent in each individual country. This is what Apple and Samsung are doing right now. They are effectively fighting the same battle for their patent rights within each country where they each applied. Apple might well be an American company but US patents only apply on US soil. Japan quite correctly has jurisdiction over Apple patents applied for in and covering Japanese soil. The same goes for other countries.

  2. Not just Japan, but courts all over the world have ruled Samsung didn’t copy rotten Apple. Can’t wait to see if the next iPhone will have LTE capabilities because if they do Apple is going to get its pants sued off. Guess who owns the LTE patents? Nokia and Samsung. Be careful of throwing rocks when you live in a glass house Timmy.

    1. What dopes like you don’t realize is only certain patents have been ruled against Apple, not all of them. MDN has the correct take bite. Absolving Samsung of one thing does not clear them of other infractions. Use your head instead of your ass.

    2. Pathetic troll needs to understand that Apple legally licenses patents it doesn’t own unlike the convicted criminal in charge of Samsung. Likewise Microsoft legally licenses patents from Apple so why then can’t the felon now known as Samsung’s CEO do the fscking same?

  3. People really need to calm down and read a bit. Apple was not claiming the same patents as in the US case. This was probably a test case for a patent they were unsure of.

  4. Today’s judge is against Apple because Samsung had a patent that said to have bought from Hitachi corp.
    In a news program ,an expert says that the sync technology Samsung has used for their pseudo-iPhones is too obsolete to infringe Apple’s one.
    So ,Sumsung scored an another victory with their products are far behind from Apple’s.

  5. Every educated Korean knows Samsung is the mastermind of copying other products. To date, Samsung has NEVER done any new product researched and development on their own. Both Samsung and LG (Lucky Golstar) are related but LG was infact the pioneer who actually did many researches rather than Samsung who copied all the way. They copy many other brand’s success and has been losing tonnes of other court cases…they don’t mind losing because they already made the money from the sales. Before any of you feel Samsung is right…look up their history first!

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