Apple v. Samsung verdict: the thermonuclear fallout

“While the jurors may have awarded Apple just over $1bn (£665m) in damages, there was much worse to come for Samsung. Following the result, over $12bn (£7.6bn) was wiped off the company’s market value with its stock price falling 7.5 percent in the South Korean capital Seoul on Monday,” David Gilbert reports for The International Business Times. “The jurors in the case took just two and a half days to deliver their decision, much shorter than most industry watchers had expected, considering they had to fill out a 20-page verdict form, answer 700 complex patent-related questions and weigh-up over 50 hours of evidence presented by Samsung and Apple.”

“The jurors rejected every single one of the South Korean company’s patent claims, and backed Apple’s claim that Samsung had breached US antitrust laws by trying to keep its wireless patents as a monopoly,” Gilbert reports. “Of course Samsung plans on appealing the decision to a higher court, but the initial victory will be a major PR coup for Apple as it continues its smartphone and tablet battle with Samsung and the wider Android ecosystem.”

Gilbert reports, “The full ramifications of what this will mean for Samsung is yet to be made clear, but Apple will now move to get up to 24 Samsung phones banned from sale in the US, including the Samsung Galaxy S2, but this is likely to be strongly challenged by Samsung as it seeks to recover from this hammer blow.”

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      1. Why do people keep repeating that?
        Apple does not have a patent on the “rounded rectangle” any more than Rolex has a patent on round watch faces. But try to make a Rolex look alike and you will discover what a trade dress lawsuit is.
        You can make similar products but when a company just tries to rip off a lookalike of a successful product they will have a problem. Samesung (obviously and deliberately, based on court evidence) ripped off the iPhone and iPad designs and deserves to have their butts smacked and told to go stand in the corner. (metaphorically)

          1. Yes I got your sarcasm… but I was actually serious. I really want to know why the fandroid/freetard crowd keeps repeating it.
            Are they really deluded enough to actually believe it, or (as I suspect) they are now out of bullets.. and rocks.. and have just begun to fling poo as their only defense)

            1. When you have nothing else you throw out the most outrageous lies you can, it’s true Apple didn’t have any Patent on the corners as the Android uneducated boast.

              Samsung is throwing around that lie also, it’s to play on the ignorance of the illinformed and one sided nature of human psychology, More or less by pushing false propaganda as truth and if the lie is repeated enough it becomes truth, others will see that lie as fact if it’s painted in a positive light and repeated enough.

              Most important is to debunk thoes lies at every turn with evidence so it is seen for what it is.

  1. Keep raining down the banning blows relentlessly and mercilessly on Samsung Apple. Let them feel the taste of your patent infringing, trade dress & slavish copying punishment lash. Shamdung needs to be humbled beyond recognition and whipped into their own innovations submission, whimpering and tail between their legs in retreat.

      1. Not quite… Let me put it to you this way: when someone hold up a 7-11 and we catch them all they should have to do is give back the money they stole and then we let them go? Not hardly.

        That is the second part of the jury’s decision, that Samesung WILLINGLY and KNOWINGLY stole Apple’s intellectual property. They didn’t just accidentally trip on one of Apple’s patents. They set out to steal. That is why the judgement can be tripled.

          1. What? I am sorry, what you just said makes absolutely no- sense.

            There is no “punishment by the court”, this is a civil suit, that Apple brought on Samesung. (even in a criminal trial it is “the people” not the court who file charges)
            All of the damages recovered go to apple not the court (the court is not an injured party, Apple is)

            1. I guess that you are only thinking about what our society has now to try to create justice. I originally discussed the concept of justice. Justice is the ideal and what our courts do is far from the standard I am calling for.

  2. I am very curious to see what the Galaxy S looks like after Sammy removes the Apple copycat stuff. Maybe an early blackberry, or will they find someone else to copy?

  3. Sansung totally deserve that. They make a bet, they bet that they can fool everybody into thinking they didn’t copy apple.
    Apple has copy from other and they have settle (ej Nokia) but Sansung thinks they can just steal IP and get away with it.
    May be they are the king in Corea, but in America, people is the king and they decide.

  4. Just the cost of business for Samsung. They are still ahead. I’ve been to Korea four times with the Army. You go shopping for all the bootleg CD’s, jeans, shoes and designer everything. It’s just part of the culture.

  5. steve started a bad trend by saying “were going to go thermonuclear on them.” people need to calm down. there is no parallel at all in this situation and this is needless hyperbole…

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