Jefferies: Samsung verdict a ‘huge victory for Apple’; reiterates ‘Buy’ rating, $900 target price

“Computer and mobile device maker Apple Inc. (AAPL) on Monday received some continued bullish support from analysts at Jefferies & Co.,” reports.

“The firm reiterated its ‘Conviction List Buy’ rating on AAPL as well as its $900 price target, which suggests a 36% upside to the stock’s friday closing price of $663.22,” reports. “A Jefferies analyst commented, ‘We believe this is a huge victory for Apple. The jury found that Samsung had infringed upon 6 of Apple’s patents related to both utility and design. Apple was awarded a minimum of $1.05B in damages and is looking for an injunction against infringing Samsung products. We believe this is positive for Apple but would expect a settlement following an unsuccessful appeal by Samsung. We believe Apple will likely pursue other Android players.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. A settlement? Hell no! Apple doesn’t care about the $1 billion or $3 billion. They want an injunction. They aren’t going to license their design patents or the 3 software patents – nor are they obligated to. They offered licenses in 2010 as a “good faith” measure knowing that this trial was coming. They knew that Samsung wasn’t going to agree to over $30 per phone in licensing agreements. Now, let’s just hope no one (Kuo or the ITC) gets cold feet on the prospect of such a massive import injunction.

    1. Apple is not going to get an injunction or ban for any of Samsung’s products. I think the best Apple can get is licensing agreements which will raise the cost of Android smartphones and in the long run that should be enough to hurt Android sales. Nickel and dime them to death. Apple can turn that money into more advanced manufacturing facilities and increase their already huge economies of scale. That would leave competitors reeling and eventually force them out of the smartphone and tablet business within a year’s time. That way of doing it will raise less hatred towards Apple than a ban would.

  2. 36% is pretty much in line with apple’s growth over the last five years, which is very conservative considering the downturn in 2009. you could go to yahoo or some other site, look at the 5 year growth, use some math to figure out the compounded annual growth and get their number. no analysis needed, just some grade school math. there is virtually no risk in this projection. and no optimism either.

    1. so in case it was not obvious from my previous post, saying this is a huge victory for apple and using words like bullish support just doesn’t jibe with the numbers which are nothing more than the expected value increase in stock using a 5 year trend. in fact i would consider this a bearish extrapolation given what happened friday and what is going to happen this next month.

  3. Great verdict for Apple and all who respect innovation. I suggest that Apple send a complimentary package and include one of each Apple device, plus a huge check to the Jury Foreman. How fortunate to get such a person on your jury. Samsung wasn’t counting on that I bet.

  4. This is about sending a clear message to Samsung and any other companies who plan on copying Apple products. The warning is “we will kick your ass”! I like it. And it made me a whole bunch of money again today. Sure, I like that. What’s not to like? Now, if they will just pull a little effort into the Mac Pros for the professional users out here I’ll really be happy. Powerful desktop Macs can’t go away anytime soon. Apple understands that but it’s yet to be seen whether they are going to take care of the people who put them where they are today? It was the professional users and some enthusiastic amateurs that kept Apple alive in the early years. Especially the dark years. I am all for making money, I enjoyed it myself. Apple does not have to support its legions of professional users if they choose not. We are not going to be any huge revenue source for them in the future. Like it or not, Apple is just a huge company trying to make money. They’re not your buddy. So they really could and may ignore the professional users going forward. If they do, we’ll find someone to fill that gap. It may be difficult. It may take time. But we will find an answer. I’m just hoping that Apple will still support the professional users. They have given us great products up until now. But we are way behind the curve on the professional desktop computer. Something is coming but who knows how good it will really be? I believe we will see before the beginning of the year. Hoping for the best.

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