How Apple got its slam dunk case across

“Apple Inc. nailed its landmark victory over Samsung Electronics Co. last week by distilling a complex tussle over patents into a clear story line that cast Apple as the good guy, and put its South Korean rival in a defensive crouch,” Jennifer Smith and Steve Eder report for The Wall Street Journal.

“Both sides enlisted some of the top intellectual-property lawyers in the country, racking up tens of millions of dollars in attorneys fees, according to estimates by legal experts,” Smith and Eder report. “Morrison & Foerster LLP and Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale & Dorr LLP headed up Apple’s legal team, while Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP represented Samsung.”

MacDailyNews Take: a.k.a. The Winners and The Losers.

Smith and Eder report, “To prove that Samsung intentionally copied the iconic iPhone and iPad, Apple’s lawyers produced a slew of witnesses, including a veteran designer for the company who said Samsung had ‘ripped off’ Apple. Bolstering their testimony: a chart that showed Samsung phones before and after the iPhone’s debut, and an internal Samsung report dissecting the iPhone’s ‘beautiful design’ and ‘easy to copy’ hardware. ‘All of that makes it pretty clear that at some level Samsung set out to imitate Apple’s product,’ said Mark Lemley, a professor at Stanford Law School.”

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. I’ve never seen anything Samdung has ever created that isn’t an exact copy of something else. They copy everything and it’s not just apple. Look at their cars Hyundai and Kia, they are exact copies of others. All of their electronics were exact copies of others and they are masters of disecting others inventions and innovations and selling knock-offs.
    Someone please tell me something they actually invented beside a new way to steal.

      1. Yes they are. In addition to manufacturing lots of steel and aluminum parts, they are big in heavy construction equipment that, interestingly, looks quite a bit like Caterpillar equipment.

  2. Money for old rope. A fool could have represented apple and won this case. Love how the media are representing Apple as a bulky over this clear moral victory.

  3. Apple wining over Samsung is good news for those of us who use their technology. In the Pharmaceutical Drug industry, there are brand name drugs that a sponsoring drug company invested a billion dollars in and brought it to market via the decade long IND process. For example, Pfizer studied Sildenafil and after a decade and a billion dollars they brought Viagra to the market to treat ED. They are subsequently awarded a period of “exclusivity” where generic drug companies are not allowed to “copy” Sildenafil. Someday, generic Viagra will become available. When it does, everyone will still desire brand name Viagra but will strongly consider generic Sildenafil as after all, maybe the erection will be good enough to make it cost effective.

    In a similar manner, Apple deserves a reward for inventing the technology that Samsung so slavishly copied. The question may be for how long does it deserve exclusivity and patent protection? Drugs like Viagra get about a decade on the average. The song, “Happy Birthday,” receives royalties in perpetuity generations after its original writer is dead and gone. So every time you hear Happy Birthday on TV, someone is receiving a check.

    Some time between Viagra and Happy Birthday should be fair for Apple.

    1. oh yes, rectangles with specific round corners and silver rims are now officially Apples property – lol

      ofc not – it was a case where APPLE proved that SAMSUNG deliberately imitated the look and feel of Apples devices in order to confuse the consumers. Hence in simple terms; copied.

    1. Home field advantage? LOL!

      The Judge was of Korean decent and one of the Jurors, the Foreman, was a patent holder who knew his way around patents.

      Samsun’s whole case was bullshit and now everyone, except Fandroids, knows it.

  4. Apple Inc. nailed its landmark victory over Samsung Electronics Co. last week by distilling a complex tussle over patents into a clear story line

    That’s Apple’s specialty — making the complex intuitive.


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