Is Apple looking to challenge Google’s Picasa?

“The US Patent & Trademark Office published Apple’s latest trademark application relating to their figurative, non-textual ‘iPhoto for iOS’ logo,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“The trademark filing 85700010 includes the International Classification 9 which covers computer software used for image editing and image processing,” Purcher reports. “Apple had also filed their trademark in China and Europe this past week which added International Classifications 41 and 42 which covers photography and digital imaging services in addition to a fascinating entry that might be an eye opener.”

Purcher reports, “In fact, there’s specific verbiage in one of the trademark classifications that would strongly suggest that Apple may be secretly working on a service to challenge Google’s Picasa and similar types of online services like Flickr. I don’t know about you, but such a service offering for iOS users would only make sense.”

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      1. I really think that Apple is going to let a third party take care of that. Autodesk is the most likely candidate, they have everything necessary (including the industry gravitas required to go up against such an overwhelmingly de-facto standard like Pshop).

        I couldn’t understand (at the time) why apple would EOL a immensely successful product like Shake, and then Autodesk announced (and did their presentation & demo announcement at NAB on Mac’s BTW) the Smoke 2013. Now it makes perfect sense. Apple was forging a partnership.

        There are very few companies that can challenge Photoshop at this point (and it would help if the the challenger was cross platform) It must be a large known professional- software developer and the product has to hit the ground running (so I don’t really believe that any of the photoshop elements competitors will be able to ever “grow up” and challenge Photoshop.

        1. Perhaps you’re right. It’s true Apps like pixelmator can’t really challenge photoshop, but a company like autodesk could do some pretty awesome stuff 🙂

        2. It amazes me that no one has even tried to challenge Photoshop up til now despite the fact that Adobe has made only relatively minor improvements to Photoshop since they added layers in 1994. And Photoshop’s interface has always left a great deal to be desired. There are untold numbers of visual arts professionals who would jump ship in a heartbeat if anyone ever comes up with a better image editing app than Photoshop.

      2. I think you mean that “iPhoto more than killed Picasa when it had Gallery, now its sharing features are useless”.

        Photostream is useless.

        Let me put it this way, one of the reasons my 75 year old father bought a mac was to use iPhoto/MobileMe/Gallery to share albums. It was literally a 1 click process to create and and a 2nd click to share links to gallery.

        Since the discontinuation of MobileMe Apple told him to use Flickr. Well, Uploading to Flickr is simple but sharing is not.

        1. Hmm, intersting point you bring up. I honestly didn’t know (i’m a recent mac user). But yeah, I am highly annoyed by Flickr. At least uploading and sharing via facebook is still an option.

  1. Apple’s published patent this past Thurday was about going after Photoshop. This could be different in giving anyone with an iPhone but not necessarily having a Mac, store their photos online to share with friends etc. If Apple is going after the masses with a future cable TV set-top-box, this kind of Picasa-like photo service could used by more non-Apple people. Just a thought.

  2. This is about storing photos and sharing in the cloud. iOS users are still depended on a Mac or pc to store photos; this is a gaping hole in iCloud. Can’t wait for full photo storage in icloud. Bring it on!

    1. I’m with you, Scooby

      I really miss the MobileMe Gallery feature. What a great way to catalog and save your photos and videos on the web and share them with your friends and family! Well worth the subscription price.

      I haven’t found anything remotely as good to replace it.

      Suggestions, anyone?

        1. Flickr’s great for people who don’t give a fig about ease of use, intuitive controls, attractive page layout, etc..

          Having tried Flickr, 500PX, and a couple of others, I am left feeling grossly underwhelmed.
          I won’t present my amateur, family photos on those awkward sites. There’s no way I’d present professional work to the public on those “Almost-good-enough” sites.

          I see now why my friends are so lamenting the passing of Gallery.

          So, yes, news of an online photo-sharing solution from Apple has me quite excited.

          1. Yes. Flickr sucks. iCloud is indeed lacking in this area. Gallery was nice but not great. Now we have basically nothing. I use SmugMug but I pay for it. But it is really nice. Great support. Not expensive . It’s what most professional (not me) photographers use. I started using SmugMug because even gallery just wasn’t what I needed. Apple really needs to step up to the plate on this. What they offer now is not very good. I’m very disappointed in Apple concerning this.

  3. This is nothing to do with Photoshop, and everything to do with Picasa and Flickr; it’s about web hosting images for publication on third-party websites, or did nobody bother to read that part?
    It’s a real pain having loads of photos on my Mac, iPad or in Photostream, but having to then upload them to Flickr or Picasa or Photobucket if I then want to post a photo on another website. Being able to just click on a photo in Photostream and being given a URL link to copy and paste elsewhere would be a huge advantage, and is the missing link in Apple’s iPhoto system.

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