Google’s Motorola Mobility files patent infringement claims to block Apple’s U.S. imports

“While we all wait to see the outcome of the Apple vs. Samsung trial, Google is not sitting around and waiting to get sued next,” Anthony Wing Kosner reports for Forbes.

“Yesterday, reports Bloomberg, Google’s newly acquired Motorola unit filed for patent-infringement against Apple with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC),” Kosner reports. “The complaint would block Apple’s import of iPhones, iPads, iPod Touchs and some Macintosh models.”

Kosner reports, “The Wall Street Journal reports that Google/Motorola is alleging that Apple has infringed on seven of its patents, none of which are standard-essential. This distinction is important…”

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        1. For pure evil, you’re right. It’s hard to top Monsanto. I can’t think one company that has done more to wreck the lives of farmers and agriculturalists around the world than Monsanto. Not to mention the known and unknown health hazards caused by their products.

  1. It is always an arms race.

    Any patent Apple sees as truly threatening, will be instantly analyzed to see how they can advance technology to avoid the patent, so that future products don’t infringe while continuing to advance their products.

    I don’t see a likelyhood of shutting down Apple’s import of products through a litigation process when the next 2 generations of products will be in place before this litigation is done.

  2. So samesung gets apple to reveal a bunch of stuff in court and gaggle gets to look it over and decide what they want to sue over. It’s like having the big guy on the playground holding down the popular guy and letting the others kick him around. Am I being a little conspiratorial here?

    1. think you hit the nail on the head there.

      Samsung and google are both giving each other info about apple.

      What makes me laugh though is this alliance is doomed.

      Either google or sanding will start stealing each others ideas.

      Be careful who you partner with. When money and market share are at steak there’s no such thing as friends in big business.

    1. something about contacts for one of them. makes me laugh since the iphone has the worst contact management system out of almost every phone i’ve used. if you have the same person in multiple email systems it creates duplicates

  3. Googe’s getting desperate. They started out suing with FRAND patents, which are useless for legal combat, and when that didn’t work now they’ve come up with even weaker patents. Sad. They’re just trying to look like they are fighting rather than actually fighting — because they have no weapons.

  4. Anyone want to bet that Apple will counter sue with far more than 7 patents? Apple has an incredible patent portfolio…

    That said, Apple’s legal bill has got to be enormous.

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