Apple patent applications reveal iMovie and Final Cut Pro X innovations

“On August 16, 2012, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a series of video related patent applications from Apple mainly covering iMovie and Final Cut Pro,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“If you’re a video buff, then today is going to be a feast for you. The patent applications cover topics such as live dragging and editing, new novel editing and masking tools and so much more,” Purcher reports. “There’s far too much information for us to properly cover in this report and so we’ve provided you with Apple’s patent abstract for each application along with a direct link to each of them so that you could explore them at will.”

Purcher reports, “One thing is for sure, Apple’s Andy Ubillos and his engineer teams have definitely been burning the midnight oil so as to keep Apple’s video applications on the cutting edge.”

Much more, including Apple patent application illustrations and diagrams, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. iMovie and Aperture have seen many innovations and upgrades throughout the years, and that is quite fine. But what about burning midnight oil on iWork? It would be nice to have a revamp Keynote, Numbers and Pages, when was the latest innovations for those apps?

    1. It would be great to see all our favorite Apple products upgraded on a regular basis. Perhaps Apple is being overwhelmed by their own success—still not big enough to do everything that needs doing without sacrificing quality. Compare the number of employees in development at Microsoft with those at Apple, and then compare the quality of the products.

      As a long time Apple fan, it is easy to take miracles for granted.

    1. @Ray: I use FCPX on Apple’s least expensive computer – a 2011 Mac mini – and I don’t iexperience the problem you cite. Perhaps you should reinstall. Either that, or lose the attitude…

    2. Absolute nonsense, we run it all the time (on many different machines) now and virtually never see the system busy ball.

      My guess is that you are VM swapping to satisfy malloc calls (memory allocation requests). This is normally the result of too little physical ram and or too many running applications and is particularly bad on applications with constant media needs (ie disk data access) Lion and mountain lion have far more VM persistence (makes them “snappier” when launching) which requires more physical ram. Shouldn’t really be a problem in this day and age where RAM is dirt cheep (see

      At any rate if you are legitimate, No, this is not normal behavior FCPX is an amazing application, groundbreaking. Truly next generation. It is what all editors will be like in 5 years (yes I know avid and adobe are poo-poo’ing now but remember that samesung and goooogle also poo poo’d siri as useless and “you should talk to other people not to you phone” right up until they cloned it.
      However it is going to be a long time before anyone can match FCPX’s “story centric” magnetic timeline and real time operation.

      And if you are another of the Adobe/Avid trolls, Eff off, think about what you are attempting to do… Keep people away from the best story editing tool available today, at any price.

  2. Whilst I love apple products. I teach media using the gear, I think they have dropped the ball with final cut pro x. I love the interface, the way it works and the simplicity. But from my perspective, the major missing feature is proper network support. I know you can add SAN drives but, why not network folders, like the previous version and premiere?

    Working in an environment like this is impossible. The only way we can store students work on networks properly is by using disk images which screw up all the time. The software is also still far too buggy for professional environments. The amount of times I have encountered corrupt projects and backups is stupid.

    The software has major potential and I do love it. But working in an environment with software that doesn’t screw up work randomly is more important to me. They are making improvements with each update. But there are major missing features and too many bugs still. I hope it gets sorted because I want to use this software and for it to work properly! It has massive potential.

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