“Apple recently introduced the long-awaited update to its Final Cut Pro video-editing application,” Michael Gartenberg writes for Macworld. When the new version (now called Final Cut Pro X) was introduced, controversy ensued. I mean real controversy. In fact, I haven’t seen this level of user protest over a product change since the Coca-Cola company decided to mess with its time-tested formula and introduce New Coke to nearly universal disdain.”

“With the caveat that I’m not a professional video editor (but having spoke to those that are) I don’t think Apple made a terrible move with this revision,” Gartenberg writes. “Yes, some key features that some users depend on are missing—Apple has posted a FAQ that lists the most pressing issues and offers ideas for workarounds, what might be updated in future releases and what users will just have to live with.”

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Gartenberg writes, “But the overall experience is much friendlier to a prosumer user like me than previous versions were. The fact that the price is $299, not $999, is important as well. No matter your thoughts on the specifics of the app and what if offers, Apple’s moves here show a good deal about how Apple works, its overall strategy, and how it thinks about growing its business.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]

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