Apple may owe Samsung $422 million in damages, Samsung witnesses say

“Apple Inc. would owe as much as $421.8 million in royalties if found to infringe five Samsung Electronics Co. patents for mobile devices, two witnesses for the South Korean company testified,” Joel Rosenblatt reports for Bloomberg,

“One damages expert, Vincent O’Brien of OSKR LLC, told the jury today in the intellectual property trial between Apple and Samsung in federal court in San Jose, California, that he calculated royalties of $22.8 million based on claims that the iPhone maker infringed three of Samsung’s feature patents,” Rosenblatt reports. “A second expert, University of California, Berkeley business school professor David Teece, testified that damages for Apple’s infringement of two other Samsung patents should be in the range of $290 million to $399 million, based on royalty rates of 2 percent to 2.75 percent.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What are they smoking, crack? 😉

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  1. now we are finally hearing some sense. Apple have been screwing the small guy for years. Case is turning. Apples crying and moaning is being exposed for what it is. Apple claiming ownership of things developed by others. sounds like the movie. a touch of genius

      1. Apple has already leased FRAND patents that cover these 5 patents, from other sources.

        FRAND patents do not charge 2% to 2.5% and they are not hidden from others just in case you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar.

        Lying Samsung Bastards.

    1. Look, I’m no fan boy and I call em like I see em. I take a lot of abuse around here because I don’t make excuses,or listen to any, wether or not it’s Apple or Google or Samsung……….. But you are really an idiot. Samsung stole ideas from Apple. I don’t know if it will work out in court but that’s what they did. Apple may owe Samsung money regarding patents? Don’t know? Could be legitimate? It happens all the time where patents are involved. Apple is just a huge company so you can bet that they screw up too. But Samsung stole Apple ideas. That’s a fact Jack!

    2. Apple does buy or license technology for things already invented and with patents, such as Siri.


      If they don’t outright invent it THEMSELVES, they buy it. So they own it, right? RIGHT?

      Samsung, steals, makes profits out of what they steal and try to compete against those they stole against and then try to conceal, lie, and do everything stupid to try to get away with it.

      Anymore troll thoughts?

    3. You’re one of those that feel guilty for being an American and take every opportunity to apologize for it. Even to go as far as defending the indefensible.

  2. Cozy,….. is that you Chris… changing your login is will not help. You are still a rambling Samsung troll.

    And yes, these guys are paid plenty to be patent “ex…… perts” for whom ever will pay them. Sadly.

    This is why Apple wants to have a chance at rebuttal with its own witnesses.

  3. I am getting tired of Samsung’s crap. Time to cut them off. Apple needs to stop buying their stuff and start buying their vendors and raw materials up. Shut down Samsung’s products until they back off. Apple has $117 BILLION. Time to show Samsung and the others that it is better to play with Apple then piss them off!

  4. $422 MILLION lol!

    *** CONFLICT OF INTREST HERE. The judge “lucy koh” is of Korean heritage!!
    WTF it looks like the koreans HAVE BRIBED THE JUDGE.

    isn’t it ironic that a HUGE multi billion dollar case which pitches USA against korea has a korean-american sitting the case, one of the most biased self self-congratulatory ethnicities in america who love nothing more than promote their lame korean heritage.

    SAMSCUM is the embodiment and pride of south-korea. NO flag waving pro-korean american is going to hand a multi billion judgement against korea inc.

    They must think they have stuck gold when they they are landed with Lucy KOhREA, one of the most corrupt judges in America(see and guess what? She is korean-american! Apple has lost the case before it has started.

    I guarantee that south korean super conglomerate SAMSCUM see her corrupt “korean” heritage as a HUGE advantage and bribed her accordingly.

    HER “smoking crack” statements prove her ANTI-apple angenda is in full operation which is expected because she is taking BRIBES from Samsung.

    IMPEACH corrupt korean-american LUCY KOH.

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