The top 10 most-missed features Apple removed from OS X Mountain Lion

“Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once wrote, ‘perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away.’ To make sure perfection doesn’t slip through its fingers, Apple always errs on the side of taking away a bit more than some people think is necessary,” Iljitsch van Beijnum writes for Ars Technica.

“Although Mountain Lion doesn’t ruthlessly excise big-ticket items the way Lion did — such as compatibility with PowerPC binaries — there are still many smaller features that have gone away,” van Beijnum writes. “After living with Mountain Lion for a few weeks, we’re really starting to miss some of these.”

Here are 10 of the ones we miss the most:
10. Non-smooth scrolling
9. Automatic document locking
8. iChat
7. (The GUI to) Web sharing
6. The Safari search box
5. Displays in the menu bar
4. Using a laptop with the lid open, but with just an external display active
3. Battery time
2. Safari’s Activity Viewer
1. RSS in Safari (and Mail)

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  1. While I don’t miss none of those features, I do have a problem with the scrolling (and Snow Leopard too).
    When you at at the bottom of a folder, every time you try to reach the last folder, the scrolling bar (to move left or right) shows and it won’t let you click in the last file at least you do it slowly or scroll up with the mouse while clicking on the file.
    It is not painful but could be great if they fix it.

      1. I’ve waited an hour, and then got impatient. They don’t show up in Disk utility either. They work fine in Lion and SL. There are threads about it on the apple support pages.
        Seems intermittent though. Some have problems, most don’t.

    1. How about setting notification periods (1 day, two days in advance) the same between OS X ML and iOS? The lack of longer advance times in iOS is maddening!

    2. Yup! Varios SNOOZE times to delay events & reminders is BY FAR the #1 thing taken away from me in Mountain Lion! They’re almost unusable now! Completely retarded Apple! WTF!?!

    3. Absolutely! This is imperative to me. I was hoping that Mtn Lion would give us the ability to customise snooze times – instead they’re gone. Not a good move Apple. 🙁

      1. Thanks! I downloaded Snoozemaster last night and so far so good. I was actually considering buying a not-too-cheap Calendar replacement just for that feature.

    1. Really? I have the opposite, too much auto-fill! Safari insists on filling login fields with e-mail addresses I don’t use anymore (gmail)

      Haven’t figured how to turn it off yet. Maybe we can swap for a few days 🙂

  2. I’ve had problems with using my MBP with an external display and wanting the laptop display off since Lion.

    I’m not very happy at all about Activity Window being gone from Safari 6.

    1. I miss the activity bar too, but there is a workaround: Use Develop -> Show Web Inspector. It’s not quite the same, but you can dl al the hidden flv, jpg, and other things they try to hide from you

  3. Apple is getting so many things wrong, it is getting very upsetting.

    When I try to turn off iCloud backup for any item, it tells me it will delete the iCloud backup data AND THE DATA ON MY IPHONE.


    1. me too. while my objectivity has attracted scorn of the rabid Apple fans, I have long pointed to Apple’s increased blunders these last couple of years. And yes, i do blame overcompensated leadership who have lost touch with Apple’s legacy of providing the user the best possible experience. Removing features and forcing iCloud down our throats is not progress, and it will cost Apple a lot of good will and perhaps a lot of potential sales if the company continues down this path.

      1. Well said sir, well said. Apple is clearly on a downward spiral and getting worse. Mountain Lion is VERY disappointing. Like you I am on 10.6.8. I had strongly hoped that the clusterfsck of Lion would have been fixed by 10.8, but that appears to be wishful thinking. I want power out of my Mac, not idiot childlike iOS “features”. Apple has dumbed down the Mac to unthinkable levels and it has GOT. TO. STOP.

    2. I agree this dumbing down seems to have become a trend for Mac OS X. I am currently on Lion, but I am seriously considering wiping my machine and returning to 10.6.8.

      1. Count me in as well. 10.6 will be the end of the line for me as a Mac user if Apple continues their recent trend of dumbing their products down. It’s especially hard to swallow seeing Apple kowtowing to Windows Vista users while simultaneously refusing to support their own paying customers; they easily could, (billion$ in reserve) but just don’t want to.

        1. dittos for me as well. In fact, this is the main reason why I have not bought a new macbook pro.

          Anybody know what is the last mac book pro model that works with 10.6?

    3. I too have been wary of moving to the “latest and greatest” after being burned by “iMove Pro” (FCP X).

      Dumbing down is fine for phone and tablet users. I fear there will be a tipping point, if they keep it up with computers.

  4. #4 is particularly annoying for my new MBP 13″ (though it’s already missing in Lion, it’s not new to ML).

    Turning backlight off doesn’t cut it; without a discrete GPU, it’s using up RAM to draw the built-in screen even when I’m doing everything on the external.

    The built-in screen does shut off if I close the lid (so OSX drives only the external display), but it must stay closed… which reduces heat dissipation. Instant Catch-22 if I’m playing resource-intensive games.

    I used to laugh at Windows laptops because their external screen switching and mirroring vs extending deskop is STILL a mess, but I’m very disappointed in Apple for removing this option entirely.

  5. Oh, and I’ve read they removed the Activity window from Safari 6 too, so you can’t easily identify and download stuff off of say Youtube anymore.

    Glad I didn’t update to v6 under Lion.

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