Safari 6 a slight but sleek upgrade for Apple’s browser – review

“Safari 6 packs relatively few new features for a major browser update, and most of its shiny new bells and whistles need Mountain Lion to run properly,” Nathan Alderman writes for Macworld.

“Like Firefox, Safari has consolidated URLs and searches in a single bar at the top of the screen. You search with Google by default, but can specify Yahoo! or Bing in preferences,” Alderman writes. “Unlike Firefox, Safari doesn’t keep a vestigial search box hanging out next to its all-in-one window for no apparent reason. I liked Safari’s useful, unobtrusive implementation of this idea.”

Alderman writes, “Under Mountain Lion, Safari 6 attains striking poise. The blue progress bar once stuttered across the URL bar; now it glides. Pages slide even more smoothly as you swipe (on a trackpad) to navigate. And the contents of a page seem to pour into place as it loads. Aside from an odd habit of a split-second fade-out and fade-in while the browser reloads a page you’ve just moved forward or back to, everything feels fast and fluid, even on a 2008 laptop. Apple has made Safari 6 on Mountain Lion the Mac’s most visually polished browser.”

Much more in the full review here.


  1. Just bring the activity ‘window’ back! Please Apple. Thank you.
    I know all about the ‘Develop feature’ ‘Show Page Resources’… but is a pain…
    It’s not for download videos from YouTube only… I mean any ‘protected’ videos, photos, from any site.
    RSS I don’t care… It’s obsolete anyway… But of I know and agree with this… The web is dying and F$%$ the browsers… long live the apps… but we not there yet.

  2. Safari 6 is SO SO SO much faster restarting than 5.x was (I always close it with 20-30 tabs active) that I can’t believe I ever waited so long fro the older version to start up before. Thanks, Apple!

    1. I haven’t upgraded yet. I am afraid to, Safari used to be sleek but is now a bloated slow and junky mess. I really wish I could go back to an earlier version. I guess I’m wiling to try the new version but I’m not really excited about it. Maybe it’s less terribly slow but I doubt it’ll ever be sleek and nice like it used to be 🙁

      Safari went from great to complete bloated junky crap. And it’s something I need to use every single day.. *sigh*

  3. It’s less unstable than the previous version, but that isn’t saying much.
    Like above, why lose the activity window and separate search window?
    Why the drop of RSS? RSS is not obsolete as not every feed is on iTunes or other device.

    1. Sounds like a horrible “upgrade”. I thought Safari 5.x was a terrible upgrade, but 6.x seems like it strips out anything useful in the program to make it a slightly faster but crashy version. No thank you.

    2. If you are one the .001% of people who used this feature, just grab the Subscribe To Feed Safari extension to get your feature back. Extensions were added to Safari specifically so that features like this don’t have to be in the main build.

      And you might want to look into this thing called Twitter. It lets you subscribe to various news feeds, like RSS, except it’s kind of a lot better.

  4. Safari 6 is a downgrade. A little faster, but crashes a lot. They took out the activity window. No history on searches I have to retype entire search phrase rather then change a word to get different results. If I could go back to version 5 I would. Apple screwed this one up.

    1. My family has not experienced any Safari 6 crashes on our three Macs running 10.8 ML – 2007 iMac, 2011 MBA, 2012 MBP. Safari 6 seems to run a lot faster than Safari 5, which was admittedly a dog. I don’t miss any of the lost functionality (e.g., RSS feeds), and I like Safari 6 a lot so far.

    1. Agree. Don’t like that the page reloads then takes you back to the top of the page. If you have a long list of items that you’re looking at (like ebay), click on an item then hit the back button it takes you back to the top of the page. I know I can open the item in another tab or window but seems like extra work.


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