South Korea court postpones verdict in Apple vs. Samsung legal fight

“A South Korean court’s last-minute decision to postpone a verdict in its corner of the global patent battle between Samsung Electronics Co. and Apple Inc. raised eyebrows and sparked gossip in legal and tech circles around Seoul Thursday afternoon,” Evan Ramstad reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“Late Thursday, the clerk at Seoul Central District Court said the verdict in two lawsuits – one by Samsung against Apple and one by Apple against Samsung – that had been scheduled for Friday morning will be delayed until Aug. 24. The clerk cited ‘procedural reasons,'” Ramstad reports. “Such delays are common in South Korean courts, particularly in high-profile cases. Judges have a solid reputation for being straight in their verdicts but they are also leery of controversy. With the Samsung-Apple trials in the U.S. and Australia drawing a lot of attention, there’s a chance a verdict in South Korea could be woven into those cases.”

Ramstad reports, “A loss would look worse for Samsung than for Apple. South Korea is Samsung’s home country, after all, and its courts are more familiar to the company’s lawyers than anywhere else the battle is playing out. ‘If they lose this ruling it will be symbolically terrible for Samsung,’ said Nathan McMurray, an attorney at a Seoul law firm that isn’t connected to the case.”

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  1. More time for Gaagle & Samdung to locate those who are willing to take a bribe and absolve Gaagle & Damdung from any and all alleged IP infringements.. Business as usual.

  2. The judges are delaying so they can be invited to more dinners by families of Samsung execs. Korean courts do not rule between right and wrong. They decide which families will be more favorable to their careers.

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