Apple v. Samsung: The trial continues, but it’s already over

“The patent trial of Apple vs. Samsung has been fascinating to read about if you’re interested in either company’s inner workings,” Jared Newman reports for TIME Magazine.

“But as The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple argues, beyond the juicy highlights, it seems that the purpose of the trial–at least from Apple’s perspective–escapes most people: ‘This lawsuit isn’t about getting compensation for products that were released in 2007 or even 2011, it’s about protecting the products that will be released in 2013 and 2015 and beyond,'” Newman reports. “Dalrymple writes that Apple is no doubt planning more revolutionary products in the coming years (like a TV, perhaps). The lawsuit is all about stopping Samsung now, and sending a message to other companies about the ramifications of copying.”

Newman reports, “Win or lose, Samsung’s reputation is getting dinged in this trial. Its earlier products do look a lot like Apple’s even if they haven’t violated patent law, and that’s what the public sees as this case plays out. That’s why you see Conan O’Brien poking fun at Samsung, and not Apple, in a comedy skit. If Samsung has any pride, it’ll keep producing designs that don’t invite accusations of copying.”

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    1. HAHHAHAHAA you losers are brainwashed apple trolls!!! Apple will fall, mark my words. This company is a cult and is trying to minimize innovation. This is the technology age, grow up.

    1. No they have no pride. They don’t even care much about profits. They have targeted a market that includes a lot of the technology they make that goes into a phone, and they want to own a big marketshare of that product. It’s a high growth market and they want to be a player for pride purposes, and to be a player when the market matures and there isn’t much innovation, and then they can really clobber the competition.

  1. Samsung has absolutely no pride. Honor is not a big issue for Koreans like it is for the Japanese. What is a really baffling, is the Americans who work for Samsung and defend the company. These people could have just as easily been lawyers or in banking as they display the same moral aptitude.

  2. ‘Win or lose, Samsung’s reputation is getting dinged in this trial.’

    I would say that the regular visitor to Walmart or BestBuy cares not a whit about this. They’ll still buy by price and TV ads.

      1. lets hope this is how it ends…
        that Samsung products will be removed.

        The one thing Samsung never copied from Apple…

        the one major difference ALL CONSUMERS need to know
        about Samsung is their product support and NONE upgradeable devices are DEAD END.

        Perfect reason to be remove from the shelves anyways.

        1. I know a couple of guys who were Samsung fans. These guys are fans of Android first and bought from Samsung because they figured Samsung would be on top of Android updates.

          One of the Galaxy models left them high and dry. Samsung said ‘yes we’ll be shipping ICS on it’ and then suddenly said ‘No updates’.. the last I heard Samsung is claiming that yes they will update them (again) but the update has yet to arrive.

    1. Leave it to a right-wing nutjob to bring up politics in a topic that doesn’t relate to it in the slightest. Bitter much?

      By the way, in national polls, Barrack Obama leads Robot, er, Romney by nearly 4%. That could change, sure, and it’s likely that Willard will say whatever he needs to say and change whatever position he needs to change in order to change it (speaking of fake…a man with absolutely no conviction…pathetic), but that’s how it sits now.

  3. Having used both Samsung phones and the iPhone I truly believe Samsung could win this case. They could easily make the claim that although their products may look almost identical to the iPhone, the Samsung user experience is horrific and that their phones are really junk…sooooo…nothing like the iPhone! 😉

  4. But Samsung doesnt have any pride. What will the real message be if Apple loses the trial and Samsung continues to sell record numbers of smartphones and get record profits? Do you think anyone will care that a few people think they are copyists?

  5. In the 1960’s, Japanese products were known as a cheap copies of American products, over the years, Japanese companies found their own identities and now produces world class product. Korean companies have not only copied products, they have copied the Japanese strategy from the 60’s. Just take a look at EVERYTHING they make. They all are copies of US and EU products – from appliances to cars to electronics…. The outcome is unknown in the end but the outcome of this trial will send a precedence that impacts the entire Korean industries.

    1. Yes, the Japanese copied the LOOK of American products, but they also gave us the first cars with plastic and cardboard interiors, and sheet metal you can dent with your fist. Take a good close look at a 1955 Chevy and you’ll see what I mean.

  6. Apple want to make TV’s. Well Samsung should pull out bullshit patents like apple do. Patent one, too view a Tv with the use of eyes . Maybe to change a chanel with a remote device. Apple have brought this upon themselves and if Americans cant see what the rest of the world see’s then they have blinkers on. The only place samsung doesnt have majority support is the states. Rest of the world couldnt care less if apple win or lose.

    1. Sorry, I don’t know if Samsung actually invented or patented much of today’s TV design or technology. If they did, good for them. I am sure companies already making TV sets are correctly licensing their stuff and vice-versa without copying or stealing.

    2. Samsung HAS bullshit patents, have you seen their design patents for TVs? Now THOSE are black rectangles with hardly any functionality. I can post a link later if you’re interested.

      They just couldn’t threaten Apple over smartphones because, unlike Nokia, their phones never had original ideas. See this
      They’ve always copied something else.

      Apple has lots of support outside of th US, they recently also won an injunction against the Tab in Germany.

      Sounds like you’re spending too much time on those Android forums (probably full of posters paid for by Google and Samsung anyway, like that GigaOm article)

  7. @ silverhawk1

    “In the 1950′s Japan changed the name of an area to USA so they could print that on products. The real USA complained and it was changed.”

    That is a fabrication. The Japanese town had that name since at least the 8th century, long before there was a United States of America. Most Japanese products were not even made there.

  8. I was just thinking about the 132 page “smoking gun” evidence that was presented in court the other day.

    Although not quite a slam dunk, the evidence is pretty damning.

    But if you take into account that Samsung destroyed/deleted evidence. Imagine what might have been amongst the emails that could have brought about Samsungs total destruction.

    To me it is pretty obvious that Samsungs market share only took off in 2009/2010 when they decided to totally mimic everything Apple did.

  9. This is very fascinating, but at the same time this won’t STOP people from buying the pseudo IPhone products that they produce. They may say how much they loathed IPhone but in reality they wish the device they have is the genuine IPhone. I have more respect to Blackberry and Windows phones for trying to come up with their own innovation for the consumers to choose from not the knock offs you see that have to keep enticing the people by producing the ” IPhone-esque of the week” phone

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