19 incredible Apple secrets revealed in court

“The most intriguing aspect of the Apple-Samsung mega-trial is the number of amazing revelations about ideas the secretive Cupertino company has considered,” JP Mangalindan reports for Fortune.

“For Apple aficionados any news is good news — especially given the company’s clandestine approach to, well, everything,” Mangalindan reports. “The ongoing Apple vs. Samsung trial, a contentious legal battle over intellectual property, has managed to get Apple talking in ways it never has, from telling emails between executives to weird and wonderful iPhone prototypes.”

Mangalindan reports, “There are so many new revelations, it’s hard to keep track of them all. Here are the juiciest tidbits to have emerged so far. ”

1. “Crazy” ideas
2. Eddy Cue’s email to Tim Cook
3. Recruiting for the “Purple Project”
4. The “Purple Project’s” top-notch security
5. Forstall’s patent
6. iPhone prototypes
7. The 8-sided iPhone
8. The rounded iPhone
9. The ogee-style iPhone
10. The tall-and-skinny iPhone
11. Taking a page from the iPod Mini
12. The final iPhone design
13. The kitchen table
14. Most iPhone users want a case
15. What customer feedback?
16. Marketing expenses revealed
17. The iPad, prototyped
18. The marshmallow iPad
19. iPad with kickstand

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  1. I don’t really get this other than it being for hit-whores. What’s the revelation in that Apple goes through a lot of ideas before finding the right combination/balance? That’s the R in R&D after all. Did the world really think Apple products were “correct” right off the drawing table?
    I hope the view into the inner workings helps folks know that this stuff is hard, and takes lots of failing paths before coming to fruition, which means all those rumors you read about are more than likely paths that will fail. Getting all a-twitter because of the latest rumor is really counter-productive.

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