Apple touts success of its Land Rover iAd campaign (with video)

When Land Rover set out to introduce the all-new Range Rover Evoque the goal was to engage an all-new audience.

Apple’s iAd Network identified the perfect target and worked with Mindshare and Y&R Group to bring the Land Rover experience to them in an innovative way. With 80 seconds spent on average with the ad, Ken Bracht, Communications Manager with Land Rover North America, noted, “There is a difference between someone sitting on their couch absorbing that 30-second television ad and someone actually engaged in their iPhone or their iPad. There’s definitely higher attentiveness with something like an iAd as opposed to a television ad.”

[Attribution: TechCrunch via 9to5Mac. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


      1. I love how plebs that can’t afford a Land Rover are the very first to comment. You remind of the Dell trolls that show up to tell us all how Macs are overpriced toys.
        How reddit of you.

        1. I know range rover is a model yes. Everyone I’ve known with a Land Rover had them fall apart, mostly the Discovery series so maybe its just that one model line but my impression was the Land Rover was a low end model that did not have the same rugged quality as a Range Rover.

          Awesome that they still make the Defender 90, that I did not know. My friend has a 94′ Def 90 that is still going strong. Very capable and strong rig.

          1. Land Rover is the company (originally part of Rover) named after the successful Land Rover utility vehicle built just post war for off road and now the Defender series though a totally new one is due soon which will raise the bar immensely. That original vehicle, like it or not far superior to the Jeep of the time which inspired it (some of the original models from 1948 still run) created the Land Rover marque, then subsidiary company and now forms part of Jaguar Land Rover.

            Range Rover was a more road orientated model created in the 60s to expand the range specifically relates to the top of the range Range Rover (and Sport) as developed from though totally new original model that inspired it. The other models Evoque, Freelander and Discovery are often still referred to as Range Rovers generically being primarily road cars but smaller with best of class off road ability but distinguishing them from the original utility Landrover model designed for cross country and still the best at that.

            There have been times when reliability has been below expectation and nothing touches Nissan in that respect but the latest models (like the Jags also) are now improving immensely towards best in class now that they don’t have to suffer Ford’s mediocre ownership. Fact is they cant make enough of the latest models and a new factory is being built to keep up with demand as they are deemed status symbols throughout the World by anyone who is anyone. Hope that clarifies.

  1. It’s good to see an iAd success story. After all the fanfare at launch coverage seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth. I think Apple expected more from iAds – here’s hoping they’ll get to where they were after one day.

    1. They were that way in the 80s when I stopped using them. If they are still that way shame on them.

      It only took the Japanese a few years to realize that a World car needed protection from salted roads.

    2. totally ignorant statement. when BMW and then Ford took over LR they totally changed the manufacturing processes and standards.

      Ford built a brand new manufacturing plant. to say that LR are all a piece of junk simply is not true.

      I own both an LR3 and a Toyota Land Cruiser. The LR3 has been just as reliable as the LC and is MUCH better looking.

    3. Most of your posts are amazingly retarded and this one is no exception. The article is about Apple’s iAd, not the car.
      British (and European) cars appeal to people who can drive, not clueless Americans that can’t wrap their brains around a manual transmission.

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