In court, Apple reveals billion dollar ad-spend for iPhone, iPad

“Apple Inc marketing chief Phil Schiller told a jam-packed courtroom on Friday that Apple’s strategy in maintaining its market momentum is to “make the product the biggest and clearest thing in advertising,” Poornima Gupta and Dan Levine report for Reuters.

“The 15-year Apple veteran told the jury the company has spent a total of about $647 million on advertising for the iPhone, launched in 2007, and over $457 million for the two-year-old iPad,” Gupta and Levine report. “Dressed in a dark suit and yellow tie, Schiller – who favors blue jeans and is one of a handful of executives reporting directly to CEO Tim Cook – said Samsung’s copying of Apple’s designs has hurt its sales and disrupted its marketing. ‘I was pretty shocked at the appearance of the Galaxy S phone and the extent it appeared to copy Apple products,’ he told the jury, adding that he was even more shocked when he saw the Galaxy tab. ‘I thought they’ve done it again, they’re just going to copy our whole product line.'”

Gupta and Levine report, “Apple fans, investors and rivals are getting a rare glimpse into the zealously guarded internal processes at a company that has won respect in the industry not just for its products but also its marketing savvy and streamline supply chain operation. Schiller, continuing his testimony from Tuesday, had described the ‘Apple New Product Process’ blueprint, or ANPP internally, that the company follows when launching products.”

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  1. If you don’t think marketing professionals everywhere feel like schools in session your blind, deaf and dumb. Samsung will now big only have a copied product but the plans on how to successfully market it…..

  2. Jeez, this lawsuit sure as hell better come out in Apple’s favor for it to be worth all this shit. You’d think they were the ones on trial. What’s next, Samsung having Steve’s body exhumed for a second autopsy?

  3. I hope Apple doesn’t end up revealing many of its secrets during this ongoing trial, I think that it would be a big shame. Meanwhile Samsung just sit’s back and takes notes on how to copy everything else, this must be infuriating for Apple it’s just not right.

  4. Gieco spent close to $2b on ads in the same period. By comparison, Apple is still amazingly frugal.

    And, while it may come as news to these two cub reporters, a little Neilsen research will ‘reveal’ anyone’s media spend.

    1. The insurance market is mature and saturated. The only way to grow is to steal customers from your competition, thus tons of ads from all insurance companies.

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