Microsoft Surface tablet pricing leaked; US$1,000 for ‘cheapest’ Windows RT model

“Swedish website is listing Microsoft Surface tablet pricing on its site,” Robert Brand reports for WP Central. “If these details are correct then pricing would be substantially higher than previously thought. Of particular interest here is the cheapest ARM based WinRT device, a 32GB model, showing up costing around £648.00 or $1000.”

Brand reports, “It had previously been suggested that WinRT tablets would be priced relatively in line with current ARM based tablets… [but, vs. Apple’s iPad] the Surface is going to be much more expensive. Currently you can pick up a 32GB Wi-Fi only iPad for about £479.00 or £579.00 for the 3g variant. In either case, that puts the Surface well above the current market leader. Even if the Surface device is to be 3g enabled it would still be £70 more expensive in comparison. It has been rumoured that the Surface is not 3G capable, if that’s the case then the price gap leaps to £169.”

Brand reports, “The ARM version will not have the flexibility of Pro when it comes to application compatibility so pricing is key. This version is designed to take the iPad head on, if it cannot compete on price from the get go then we have to ask, ‘What is the point?'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: A cool grand for a vapor-painted Blurry Ass Tablet™ afflicted with terminal AppLack™? Imagine that thing kickstanded up against and iPad with Retina Display starting at $499?! Microsoft’s WART is even more DOA. Even Microsoft isn’t that stupid, right?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Another copy of Apple strategy. Remember the same leaks happenned telling iPad was due to cost 1000$. Just to have more claps in hand when Jobs announced it was only 500.

    Redmond ! Start your photocopiers!

  2. IF the pricing is correct, MAJOR fail for MS. This thing will have a hard enough time just trying to get traction against Android tablets. Release it at that price and it will definitely be DOA!

  3. Please keep in mind that Sweden has a Value Added Tax (VAT) of 25%. So the price without tax is $800. Still high, but not $1000. Just don’t compare it to prices in the States, but to prices in Sweden (as the article did, but MDN’s take didn’t).

    Also, remember that the mark-up in Europe is higher than in the states. I could easily imagine that that same tablet would cost about $600 in the States. Again, still high, but not completely out of reach (of course I’M not going to buy one!).

  4. The $1000 price includes about 15% sales tax, the $699 price does not include sales tax although there is no sales tax in the US that gets close to the nearly 20% sales tax of European countries. Still, that is a pretty hefty price for a POS!

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