Microsoft to make mystery announcement today at noon PDT

The following is from a Microsoft press release disseminated today, verbatim:

Microsoft Corp. will announce news live from San Francisco via webcast on July 16 at noon PDT:

Microsoft Announcement

When: Monday, July 16, at noon PDT
What: News from Microsoft
Who: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will share the news.
Where: Live via webcast at

Source: Microsoft

MacDailyNews Take: Buying beleaguered Nokia, Baller stepping down (Jobs forbid!), buying beleaguered RIM, Surface tablet(s) cancelled, buying beleaguered Dell, Ballmer to join cast of Dancing with the Stars, what do you think?


    1. The Committee of Public Safety wishes to make an announcement regarding Marie Antoinette and others, at noon today.

      –Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre

      1. I know it’s a huge touchscreen TV , that would be totally ridiculous… and then build it into a coffee table!

        oh wait they already did that.


  1. It is NOT Ballmer stepping down, he is the one making the announcement ….. If he was stepping down, they would not advertise him as announcing, at least I think that way …..

    Surface, could not be that, they just did …..

    Him, very curious ….. Wonder what it could be???

    Thinking something to do with buying somebody or something!

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