Apple’s Mac primed to outgrow Windows PC market for 25th consecutive quarter

“According to Gartner and IDC, the worldwide personal computer market — including both Microsoft (MSFT) Windows PCs and Apple (AAPL) Macs — shrank by 0.1% in the June quarter, although the two research firms disagree about whether Mac sales grew or not,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“Averaging the estimates of all 61 analysts we get a consensus of 4.49 million units (up 13.6% year over year), which happens to be precisely what the independents as a group are forecasting,” P.E.D. reports. “The professionals are looking for slightly lower sales (4.45 million, up 12.7%) and the six analysts with the best track record slightly less than that (4.41 million, up 11.7%).”

P.E.D. reports, “But nearly everybody we polled believes that when Apple reports its fiscal Q3 earnings in two weeks, Mac sales will have outpaced the market for the 25th quarter in a row.”

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  1. More people own computing devices than ever before, and for young people, their primary computing device is a mobile phone. Most of the things young people used pc’s for they can do with mobile phones. And if people need to accomplish something more demanding, people opt for a laptop. All things done better with Apple and Google products. MS has missed the boat. A new OS war has come and gone and they lost without even knowing what was going on.

    PC’s are quickly becoming the dedicated niche trucks Steve Jobs said they’d become.

  2. Nice too that the torture in market share bleed is slow and painful for Microsoft and it’s partners. They really deserve this for all they cost the world with their inferior products in lost time, money and productivity. Can you imagine what the world has spent up to this point just DEALING with Windows alone? And with Apple setting precedent for OS updates as cheap as$19.95 this will bring real focus to Microsoft as to why they have to charge so much. I can see them trying to explain while venting their neck collars nervously. OS updates are rapidly being seen as minimal need items and expense. Heck I’m still running Leopard and Snow Lion and happy as a clam.

      1. Yeah I know – $40 is a step in the right direction for them but will cost them hugely and diminish their cash with much lower returns. Competing at this level without compensating for it elsewhere as Apple does doesn’t bode well. Seems they are already caught in the doomed gravitational pool of a black hole traveling in a spiral downward course until…

      2. M$ has been selling OEM copies of Windoze this cheap ($40) or cheaper for years.
        Fanbois take note:
        As to share, the installed base of Windows 7 alone is 10X that of Mac OS in all versions combined and is estimated to be about 40% of the total installed base of MS Windows.

        The growth of the Mac OS is nice, but in perspective it is a drop in a very large pool.

        1. It’s the old manufactured vs. actually sold argument. Windows gets a royalty off of every system thats built and has Windows installed before it leaves the factory, they use this number to claim market share. There is no system to actually show how many windows systems are sold. Every box builder has a different supply system and sales plan. Apple on the other hand has a very good idea of how many of their systems actually were sold. Your numbers are based on faulty data hence your conclusions are wrong. The only real measure of who’s king of the hill, which so many people consider to be of great importance, is how much money did the different companies make. and that stat has Apple so far ahead as to make the Windows world an also ran. Believing the spin doctors will screw you up every time, analyst and numbers merchants are wrong more often that not. Your post marks you as Windows fan boy.

        2. If you only look at Mac sales, sure. But Apple sells iPhones, and iPads, both of which compete directly or indirectly with Windows. Just looking at iPad+Mac, things look a lot less rosy for MS which likes to think of Apple as a “rounding error”, that mentality won’t be able survive the next decade, and likely not even the next 5 years at this rate.

        3. …proof that Microsoft hegemony is eternal, and that Apple is doomed to single digit market share and niche status? Whew, that’s a relief. Mediocrity and stagnation are what we are comfortable with, and there’s no way an upstart should be allowed to disrupt the natural order of things. I was worried for a minute, there, forgetting that the present always presages the future. Silly me.

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