New in OS X Mountain Lion: Mail 6.0

“Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion brings many changes, including Mail 6,” FairerPlatform reports. “This whole number update of the Mac’s default mail client introduces Notifications, inline search, VIP sorting, new ways to share and more. Here’s an inside look at the major new features in Mail 6 and how to use them.”

“Sharing a webpage via email is one of the most commonly used features of Safari. With Mail 6, Apple has added new ways to share,” FairerPlatform reports. “Of course, you can still send the whole web page (Command + I) or just the URL (Command + Shift + I). New, however, are the options to send the Reader (i.e. text + images only) version of a webpage or to compress a page and send it as a PDF.”

FairerPlatform reports, “Who is important in your life? Chances are the folks that matter are only a tiny fraction of the people who send you email. Enter Mail 6′s VIP feature, which is a new, more convenient of assigning certain email senders a higher priority and their own mailbox.”

Read more, and see the screenshots, in the full article here.

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    1. I’m not 100% certain what you are saying here, but I’m guessing you are dissing ML. If you are not then apologies.

      I really don’t get the hate on Lion (and now ML), I don’t personally care for the social features, nor most of the iOS stuff, but I also don’t see the harm. Some people likely enjoy these features and if you don’t then you can just not use them.

  1. Lion sucks. Finder memory leaks, useless new features, degraded performance, and disrupted network LAN connectivity methods. And no, we actually benchmark these things on current hardware. The Finder itself will not release memory back to the system with our the aid of third party apps such as Free Memory. Garbage collection is the worst of any of the UNIX variants we run. Oh, and Save AS should be the default. You can’t manage group projects efficiently with the current training wheels approach to file management.

    1. If the Finder itself has a memory leak, why is this not causing crashes on every Mac out there running the system? You’d think such a problem would be more than a minor annoyance.


      1. I would not personally call this a Finder ‘memory leak’. Instead it is a memory HOG, chewing through GBs of virtual memory disk space over time.

        The Lion Finder also consistently corrupts itself, requiring fairly regular (~daily) force quits in order to make it work properly.

        Some Lion Finder tasks are performed at a deadly slow pace compared to SL. I have to handcuff myself in order to not lash out at it with a knife whenever it is simply attempting to list all the files and file size data in a random folder. WTF is that about? The problem appears to be split between the Finder reading the folder’s metadata and plain old forgetting to actually show the Folder contents in the GUI.

        IOW: The Lion Finder is CRAP. No amount of bug reporting to Apple about all of the Lion Finder’s problems has convinced them to change a thing. Not good. Instead all Apple’s efforts have been put into the Mountain Lion Finder. That’s great, but why leave Lion users hanging?! I don’t get that.

        Steve Jobs was fanatical at one point about dragging the Finder into the Cocoa programming era. Now that it’s here, it’s being severely neglected again, like it’s the bastard child. No. The Finder is the CENTERPIECE of Mac OS X. Treat it as such!

        1. I have tremendous problems with Finder in Lion. For years my Macs were bullet-proof. They ran 24/7 for months and months without a hiccup. With Lion I am having to reboot every few days when Finder inexplicably begins to freeze and die. It is especially fragile when connected to external drives. I have three Macs in my office, including the Server, that use external drives. The Finder craps out all the time on these Macs.

  2. And will there be a fix for the legendarily bad mail formatting that results in the receiver viewing unreadable text? This seems to occur at random and on all receiving mail clients.

    I have spent hours trying to find a fix for mails problems with no success. Readable emails are a very basic requirement.

  3. Dropped Apple Mail for Postbox as they continued to dumb it down for the PeeCee switcher crowd by hiding basic configuration options and putting in MS like “wizards”. Same for adding extra layers of BS to a mail application. Maybe I’m out of the majority, but an e-mail client should do e-mail really well and nothing else.

    Postbox does just fine, thank you, like Apple Mail did before they screwed it up with ‘features’.

    And like was posted above, Lion sucks- an eternal Beta of half=assed and half-finished SW.

    1. I’ve been a Postbox user since 2.1 (maybe earlier). I’m thinking about going back to Mail on OS X as Postbox appears to have MAJOR memory issues – especially on 10.8 (wasn’t as amazingly bad on 10.6.8).

  4. I don’t understand the Lion hater. It’s a great OS. Much better than SL. Looking forward to Mountain Lion. Mail has never been better. So well integrated, so fast, love it since Lion.

    1. No. Please Google my name and discover that I’ve been a Mac advocate since I first got on the Internet in 1995. It is stupid comments like yours that feed the trolls who believe we Mac fanatics are all Kool-Aid drinking cult zombies.

      There are indeed HORDS of anti-Apple trolls hiding out under every available bridge. But to shove Mac fans into some category of never questioning or ranting at Apple is ridiculous in the extreme.

      Instead, I find Mac fanatics to be the BIGGEST critics of Apple. Why? Because Apple fans expect and demand the BEST. We don’t settle for good enough or barely usable. Why do you?

      1. ‘It is stupid comments like yours that feed the trolls who believe we Mac fanatics are all Kool-Aid drinking cult zombies…
        Instead, I find Mac fanatics to be the BIGGEST critics of Apple. Why? Because Apple fans expect and demand the BEST. We don’t settle for good enough or barely usable. Why do you?”


        The difference between an Apple customer and a Fanboi.

  5. Is OS X Mountain Lion really being released this month? We’re halfway done the month now, and still no release. I think this is all all a lie.

    1. Apple only said ML would be released ‘in July’.

      I can also verify that the beta-testing of 10.8 continues apace with some very obvious bugs still to be quashed in the recent GM.

      Unless you have a particular palette for the taste of BUGS, I wouldn’t be in such a hurry to get your hands on ML just yet.

  6. I find that people who use their macs for simple tasks think Lion is great. Those that push the limits and stress the system hate Lion. I think apple is pushing away the professional crowd in leu of the much larger general base. Lion was a bomb. If Mountain Lion bombs as big I think it will be time to start considering alternatives. The only thing that really makes osx special is the iCloud features and they barely work anymore.

  7. Mountain Lion Sucks!!! 1st of all I have had Thunderbird for a while now, and looking at Mail makes me want to throw my macbook out the window. 2nd…when the screen goes off, even when stuff is still going on, it takes forever to come back on. I’m trying to open system prefs to check energy but that wont come up. 3rd…well lets just say the its a fucking joke. No wonder they made it cheap. BECAUSE IT IS!!!

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