Devastating video shows Microsoft’s Surface event aping Steve Jobs’ iPad unveiling (with video)

Eliot Weisberg writes for ReadWriteWeb, “On Monday, Microsoft held a secret press event in Los Angeles where it announced a new family of tablets under the Surface moniker.”

“Along with Surface, the event revealed a branding shift for Microsoft, one that values the unity of hardware and software, and the idolization of aesthetics,” Weisberg writes.

Yes, Weisberg writes, “Something about it felt familiar…”

Via ReadWriteWeb.

MacDailyNews Take: Devastating video. Congrats to Eliot Weisberg!

So, Balmer T. Clown and his flunky got their “hair” styles pretty close, but damned if they didn’t both forgot their Levi’s 501s, New Balance sneakers, and black mock turtlenecks. Maybe even they thought that would be too obvious?

As we’ve oft stated: Apple Leads. Microsoft Follows. As Usual.™

Microsoft is a bloated, dysfunctional blob stuck neck-deep in a pool of political molasses. Most definitely, it’s been shaped in the image of Ballmer. We see no evidence that Gates cares a whit about the company. Likely he knows how history will view it: Like a brain-damaged puppy that followed Apple around until it could no longer keep up.MacDailyNews Take, October 25, 2011

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz,” “JayinDC,” and “David E.” for the heads up.]

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    1. Indeed pathetic.

      Now…., it took quite a while for these guys but they finally realized they could copy (ape) or mimic those amazing presentations.

      It is the exact same thing you are strongly suggested (taught?) TO NOT DO in any higher education program…. avoid plagiarism of others’ work. They request you to be original and generate/come up with your own ideas and solutions.

      Well, there you have it! Plagiarism Live!!

    1. Great take Alexkhan2000.

      I just wrote about the 16:9 ratio, and it actually ending up being 26% area to work with than an iPad! Yes, that is true. Secondly, I plan on hitting the point you eluded too. It seems M$ was so obsessed with trying to get a full-sized keyboard to fit, this was the only way to make it happen – use a 16:9 screen, or end up with a 4:3 13/14″ display… Thus, Surface is only quasi useful in landscape mode only. Not a tablet, just a bad PC with a dumb keyboard. And when in landscape mode, does M$ get paid by the scroll? Working on a text or spreadsheet would be a scrolling nightmare. What productivity…

  1. “Secret”?
    Do they want us to believe that Microsoft products create as much expectation as an apple product?
    So Microsoft wants to copy the secrecy of apple too? What’s next? Make Bill Gates to die ( I don’t want to say the “K” word) in order to look more like apple?

    1. I don’t think Microsoft’s profound creative bankruptcy, shameless theft of its competitors’ ideas, or its increasing panic as it slides into irrelevancy in the post-PC age can really be called “trivial”.

      1. When I think of the future of everything Metro, I think of the phrase “EPIC FAIL”.

        We’ve had Part 1, the Windows 7 phone. FAIL.

        Part 2 will be the Windows 8 release, tick tick tick

        Part 3 will be the Windows R(a)T on tablet release, tick tick tick

        Three strikes and you’re out…

  2. Epic failure….again. No one can compete with the iPad at the pricepoint offered by Apple. This should really be on the next commercial for the iPad. PROOF nobody does it like Apple!

    1. When the first Surface screwup occurred, he should have talked while walking back to that table, then set it down to get a drink and picked up the backup. Instead, he waited too long, hoping beyond reason that the first unit would unlock, then rushed back to the table like an amateur, making it very clear that he needed to go to the backup.

      It goes without saying that when a demo goes bad – any demo, especially an overhyped one by a major corporation – it engenders a great deal of doubt in the audience. If a product does not work in a scripted and controlled setting, then how can it be expected to work in the real world?

      They named it “Surface,” but they should have called it oversized coaster.

  3. That has to be the funniest thing I have seen regarding the Apple/ Microsoft thing in ages…
    You can’t knock Microsoft for trying, but is soooooooooo obvious that they haven’t created anything new at all here…
    Oh well… Makes for a good laugh though.

  4. 3 microsoft engineers riding in a car . the car stops they can’t get it started so they get out lock all the doors walk around the car get back in and try to reboot .

    i know… old joke but some things never change

  5. In the end, Microsoft will release Surface to the public and it will be judged by the consumer. Will it be better then the iPad…..I don’t think so. The best thing Surface will do is keep everyone one on their toes to keep innovating their products. Could Surface become the next Zune… bet. If Microsoft does a great job at marketing, integrates it into their ecosystem and has a good amount of Apps created for the platform there is a chance it could gain some sustainable market share. Will this device be an iPad killer not by a long shot. The reality of it……Mircosoft got into the game to late and doesn’t have the talent that can advance them to the next level.

    1. Right. I think this is a case where they didn’t have anything even close to ready in time for CES but guys, putting on a show with no live demos, no hands on, no apps?

      Oh wait, it was running IE with Flash when it crashed…

  6. It’s called the Surface because you need a freakin’ hard surface to put it on. This is not a hybrid of a tablet and a notebook. It’s a hybrid of a tablet and a desktop. How the hell are you supposed to put this stupid thing in your lap to type?

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