Open thread: What’s your iOS 6 feature wish list?

We know from Apple’s June 11th WWDC presentation that iOS 6 will offer features that include: an all-new Maps app with Apple-designed cartography, turn-by-turn navigation and an amazing new Flyover view; new Siri features, including support for more languages, easy access to sports scores, restaurant recommendations and movie listings; Facebook integration for Contacts and Calendar, with the ability to post directly from Notification Center, Siri and Facebook-enabled apps like Photos, Safari and Maps; Shared Photo Streams via iCloud; and Passbook, the simplest way to get all your passes in one place.

What, specifically, would you like to see in iOS 6? Better autocorrection? Finer-grained repeating options in calendar?

Please let us know below.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Cubert” for the open thread suggestion.]


    1. +1

      I keep thinking they’re going to fix that. It’s really, really, annoying when you have a lot of apps, and you have to organize folders such as Games1, Games2, Games3. Until I jailbreak, I don’t even bother organizing my apps (and use Spotlight).

    2. WINDOWS 8 IS COMMING. All mac’s going back to there places where they belong under the desk, the bottom of the tech department storage closet, or a very lonely corner collecting dust. Cheer up mac fans your desktops gonna look lovely. Again.

        1. Wow why am here, one day looking around the web for peoples review and comment on tech products, cause I work in the support field and I buy gadgets just for the sake of exploring them myself. I come across this nonsense web site. and Read some BS the site is littered with BS. but it does keep me laughing.

  1. iPad/iOS wish list
    Mail cannot access contact groups!
    Groups cannot be created or managed in Contacts
    All pics go to Camera roll even though downloaded from web! 
    It creates a mess and needs completely separate destinations.
    Gmail cannot access or edit its own contact groups.
    Google maps should not be rejected unless Apple has comparable street view available globally. It should be an option at least until Apple gets it perfected. 

    1. “Google maps should not be rejected unless Apple has comparable street view ”

      The google maps app does not have street view now. you only get that at the google web site.

        1. I access street view from Contacts by clicking the address which opens the map and then clicking the person icon on left of the pin label. It works great and I wouldn’t like to be left without it…

    1. I think a file system would be a huge step backwards. Apple is attempting to simplify things, not complicate them. It would be nice if they made apps smarter at handling files though, at least IMO.

  2. “What, specifically, would you like to see in iOS 6? Better autocorrection? Finer-grained repeating options in calendar?”

    Yes, and and expanded dictionary for autocorrect and for medical terms. If Apple wants to make major inroads in the medical field, they need to do this and come out with a 7″ iPad.
    Other wishes include:
    A Safari that doesn’t need to reload a tab after 30 seconds away from that tab.
    A Safari doesn’t default to the search bar every time you open a new tab.
    That Contacts realizes that it doesn’t need to display 4 of every contact just because that contact is on 4 different Apple devices.
    Ditto iTunes and it’s songs.
    That they launch Mac-to-iOS AirDrop.

  3. 1. Siri 1.0.1
    2. Lesbian Ninja Sexbot
    3. AAF (Automatic Asshole Filtering)
    4. Apple search engine
    5. Easier system navigation.
    6. Free beer
    7. Free pizza (pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives, extra cheese.)
    8. More beer
    9. A better “Remote” app
    10. Did I mention beer?

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