Open thread: What’s your iOS 6 feature wish list?

We know from Apple’s June 11th WWDC presentation that iOS 6 will offer features that include: an all-new Maps app with Apple-designed cartography, turn-by-turn navigation and an amazing new Flyover view; new Siri features, including support for more languages, easy access to sports scores, restaurant recommendations and movie listings; Facebook integration for Contacts and Calendar, with the ability to post directly from Notification Center, Siri and Facebook-enabled apps like Photos, Safari and Maps; Shared Photo Streams via iCloud; and Passbook, the simplest way to get all your passes in one place.

What, specifically, would you like to see in iOS 6? Better autocorrection? Finer-grained repeating options in calendar?

Please let us know below.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Cubert” for the open thread suggestion.]


  1. 1. Swipe up gesture to access Speingboard.
    2. In springboard double swipe right to access kill wifi, 3G, bluetooth ( a lite version of Airplane Mode)
    3. Custom dictionary globally- when I type the word “fir” 99.999% I meant to type “for “. I know I can type “4” as a 20 something Apple employee told me but…..
    4. Able to lock icons in position as you make adjustments.

  2. Not sure what it’s called, but a friend showed me a great feature on his phone. From the dialing keypad, he can type a persons name with instant search results. Example: If he wants to call “Apple” from his contacts, he just has to type 2,7,7,5,3. As he types the possible matches narrow. He can then just tap the correct contact/number and it will call. It was very quick and beats searching through contacts, selecting the contact and then the number.

  3. A *simple* file system. Nothing too complicated (maybe not even folders), but just a simple, searchable, central repo for documents. I’m totally cool if this uses iCloud for storage/sync. I’ve said this before on MDN, but I think a simple FS means the iPad is a full desktop/laptop replacement for many users.

    1. I think that could work. If all apps saved a copy of (created)files in say a duplicates folder, it would make it possible to attach multiple items in email etc. I would limit this to documents only, multiple vids would kill your data allocation.
      For the UK, please get some independent database support on board Siri…it defaults to Google search far too often.
      Otherwise expand Siri to control everything possible.

  4. Privacy sharing
    When an iApp request permission to access contacts in my address book, I would allow the group or groups that I created and named, in which I placed the contacts of my choice.
    Thus, I could allow Facebook to access contacts that I placed in the group “Facebook” and in the group “My City” from my address book

  5. Select All in Mail for deletion.
    Spam filters in Mail. Please.
    Ability to create folders in Mail.
    Safari plugins, like Adblock and Ghostery.
    Yes, unlimited folders, please.
    Yes, location info for apps after search.

    1. Ability to select and copy arbitrary text fragments from any app that shows web pages. Now it forces to whole table rows, paragraphs or none at all…

  6. Bluetooth transfer, and audio playback.

    Right now, I have an iPhone 4S and an Audi A4 with AMI, and Bluetooth hands free. My audio wouldn’t play through Bluetooth, and sometimes my calls cannot be answered through the Bluetooth (problem specific to 4S as no issues with 4). Siri lags with the Bluetooth interface. It has never worked fine with bluetooth in my car.

  7. 1) A Music App that can handle a large music library with iTunes Match. The current app is unusable on the iPad and the iPhone if you have a very large music library. Also the music app doesn’t handle the sort order correctly.

    2) On the iPhone: Landscape layouts for all built in apps, including the home screens, lock screens, settings, etc. Let’s say you are using the iPhone in your car for GPS and you have it mounted. Rather than pivoting a mount back and forth, it would be better if those screens were also landscape.

    3) Multi-user login or GUEST MODE for the iPad. I’d like to share my iPad with family members when I visit them. But I don’t want them in my email, in my Safari Favorites, etc. None of their business. With a guest mode, I could tell the iPad to start with a known state on all the apps or restrict access to specific ones.

    4) More camera options. Why doesn’t the iPad 3 have HDR? They should also add panorama and perhaps PhotoBooth options.

    5) Easier access to things like wi-fi and bluetooth settings. How about the option to have an App for various commonly changed settings. You could keep them all in a folder in your dock and always be a click away from them instead of finding the settings app and trying to remember where each option is. Alternatively, they could let us tap and hold on the icon in the status bar.

    6) An option to retain Google Maps as the default until such time as the Apple Maps are actually better, not far worse that Google. It’s unfair since the Apple maps haven’t been released and likely aren’t done. I’m assuming they won’t place the Pacific Ocean in the middle of the African Continent. But it’s clear that the feature set for Apple’s maps is smaller. Their one cool feature, the 3D, only works so far, in very few places, according to reports. They will roll out more before they release, but it’s a pretty weak “advantage” that doesn’t make up for all the weaknesses. Taking transit maps out for example is really bad. Relying on third party apps makes it very difficult to navigate because then you have to relate their map to the map of the city in your head. Difficult if you are visiting a city. From the articles I’ve seen, the new maps look like they are sparse on data.

    Some Apple apologists out there will say “well Google can now sell their maps as a third party app!” Except in iOS mapping is an API, a service used within other apps. So a substandard default mapping option is really bad for any apps that call that API.

    7) Siri control within apps, including third party. For example, being able to say “Go to Pandora and play Jazz.” Or “Show me my son’s Facebook wall.” More awesome, but much less likely is to have Siri listen for a keyword to activate itself, rather than having to hold in a button. So you could say “Siri?” She would say “Yes?” And then you could then just say your order, like Pause the music or movie.

    Related to this is the ability to have Siri turn on and off Airplane mode, Wifi, BlueTooth, etc.

    8) Make Siri a lot smarter. She should know more about local events and the status of airline flights. Some of this might require creating an API for certain data types that third party apps could use. So I could say, “Find me a flight to Denver.” Siri would pass it off to a third party app that then would have Siri say say
    “What day would you like to leave?”
    “July 15.”
    “Is this a one-way flight, a round trip, or a multi-stop trip?”
    “Round Trip.”
    “When would you like to return?”
    “July 28.”
    “Do you prefer any particular airlines?”
    “JetBlue and Delta”
    “What time on the 15th would you like to leave.”
    “I’d like to be in Denver by 5 pm.”
    “And what time on the 28th would you like to return?”
    “I don’t care… Afternoon.”
    “Here are some options for tickets. I’ve sorted it by price.”


    I could say, “When is American Idol on?”
    Siri would know I mean TV shows and would launch TV Guide and tell me. And ask if I want to record that. Yes. The app would then tell my TiVo to record it.

    All the interactions would be determined by the App programmer. But specific types of data that people might want would be anticipated and an API provided. People want to find things to do, places to go, movies to see, concerts to attend, tv shows to watch, airplanes and busses to catch, and food to order.

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