Mountain Lion release date: Thursday, July 19, 2012, says source

“Our source in the Bay Area, has informed us that Apple’s release date for OS X Mountain Lion is Thursday, July 19, 2012,” E. Werner Reschke reports for T-GAAP.

“pple intends to stick to an annual update cycle which continues to make Microsoft’s OS release schedules looks slow if not pointless,” Reschke reports. “July 19th’s release date would be 364 days since OS X Lion’s release (July 20, 2011).”

Read more in the full article here.


      1. Yes that’s right. Just toss it away and pop out and get another, even if it is working great, they aren’t expensive, and they don’t last long anyway…………

    1. My MBP 17 is also 6 years old and with each OS release it gets rejuvenated. But, since none of my Dells (expensive junk) never made it past 2 years guess I can’t complain and I’ll have to say that MBP Retina would rejuvenate me.

    2. I have a late 2008 Mac Pro that, thankfully, made the cut. A question: Is it just the graphics hardware that prevented the earlier Mac Pros from being updated, and is that something that buying a new card would fix?

    3. My 2005 PowerBook G4 is still going strong. Not my primary machine, but I keep it by my TV chair to surf while watching. It has a current uptime of 330 days.

  1. Please Apple. For the next OS X release. No new features. Just spend the year making your graphics drivers not stink so much. Oh and perhaps get a modern filesystem.

    1. Oh and perhaps get a modern filesystem.

      Apple’s been there with MacZFS, tried it, got burned by Sun Microsystems, dumped it. There’s still an open source MacZFS project and an off-shoot called Zevo. But good luck seeing Apple adopt either.

      If there’s an improved Apple file system coming, it’s being kept as quiet as possible, so to speak, or not speak.

  2. Any one think new or updated iMacs might also be announced to go along with Mountain Lion release?

    If not, would an updated iMac need a venue and keynote for a release or would Apple just update its website and let the various Apple news sites do the rest? And if that be the case, any one think they know of a good time for Apple to do so? Right before school begins towards end of summer? November, just in time for Christmas holiday? Your guess is as good as mine!

    1. New iMacs? They wouldn’t dare since I purchased a 27 inch Quad core i7 3.4 Gh with 2TB hard drive & 6970M 2gig video card in october of 2011 🙁

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