Microsoft touts ‘major’ June 18 event said to showcase Windows RT tablets

“Microsoft has begun teasing that it has a ‘major’ announcement to make at a media event next Monday, June 18, while one report states that the company will show off new ARM-based tablets running Windows RT,” Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider.

“Members of the press were invited by Microsoft to a media event in Los Angeles next Monday for a ‘major Microsoft announcement,'” Lane reports. “No other details were offered by the company.”

MacDailyNews Take: Copying Apple is in Microsoft’s DNA.

Lane reports, “Citing ‘sources outside the company,’ Ina Fried of All Things D reported on Thursday that the L.A. event is expected to show ARM-based tablets running Windows 8.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Windows “R”atshi”T”

    Microsoft can’t even gather a crowd as big as WWDC with free entry. Apple charge a lot of money to attend WWDC and this year they sold out in 1:43!!!

    Micro = small
    Soft = squishy

    I know something small and squishy, it’s brown and crashes lnto a steaming pile every few days, just like their operating system.

  2. It doesn’t matter what any of these companies do, they can launch 50 different models if they like, but they still can’t get their heads round one minor obstacle:

    iPad is the new iPod.

    Sure there are still some other brand MP3 players kicking about, but most companies have pretty much given up on that.

    iPad will be the same. iPad has and will continue to have the biggest market share and profit, while a few others hang on for the crumbs with their offerings.

    It’s the MP3 player war all over again only this time the winner of that battle came out fighting first and have 2 years head start on their offensive.

    To Microshite, Samdung, Gruel-gle et all – People want iPad. Got that?

  3. I enjoy bashing Microsoft as much as anyone, but I will sincerely applaud if they announce something real that’s shipping that day (or, really any specified date).

    The first rule of stopping BSing is to stop now.

    I don’t have high expectations.

  4. wow you guys make my balls hurt with your needless criticism. its like 50 percent of you have apples dick so far up your ass that its using u as a puppet. the other 40 percent are fucking idiots with your constant “its too hard to use” whining get the fuck over yourself and learn what are you fucking five years old? Thats the fucking problem with the apple disciples they want everything done for them to such an extent its actually made you stupid.

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