Analysts expect Apple shares to top $1,000 within 24 months

“Apple’s stock will top $1,000 within a two-year timeframe, driven by the possible launches of iPhone 5 and an Apple TV before Christmas, as well the tech giant’s relationship with China Mobile to sell devices in the world’s largest mobile-phone market, analysts tell CNBC,” Jean Chua reports for CNBC. “‘I couldn’t be more bullish on Apple right now,” Brian White, Analyst with Topeka Capital Markets, a broker-dealer, told CNBC Asia’s ‘The Call’ on Tuesday. ‘When I look forward to the fall, we have got an iPhone 5 expected in September, I think we are going to see an iPad mini at the same time in September, we have got an Apple TV that’s clearly on its way in the next several months… I couldn’t get more excited about Apple.'”

“White, who was the first to breach the $1,000 price-target mark with his $1,001 stock-price forecast for Apple, raised it further in April to $1,111 within a 12-month timeframe,” Chua reports. “Scott Sutherland of Wedbush Securities agrees that Apple’s stock uptrend remains intact, and believes that the tech giant could be a trillion-dollar company by as soon as two years, translating to a stock price of just over $1,000.”

Chua reports, “‘It will be choppy in the near term but I think we are going to finish the year very strongly,’ Sutherland, Managing Director of Equity Research at Wedbush said. ‘You take out the cash and next year’s numbers, Apple is trading less than 10 times earnings and it’s a company that’s still growing 20 percent plus. So it’s a cheap stock out there and if they keep delivering on the numbers and strong growth, $800 is just going to be a stop-off point.'”

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  1. I’m going to send out a press release saying that Apple stock will hit a million dollars a share in six months. It will be all over the internet in hours. Ignore these clowns looking for attention and these reporters looking for a scoop. None of this is valid information.

    1. That’s exactly what folks like you said when AAPL fell to $80 per share a couple of years ago. (Bought another 100 shares at $83–a move my broker did everything he could think of to dissuade.) There was just NO WAY the equity would ever move into the $600’s, huh? Or so YOU would have said. Genius.

  2. That sounds like hogwash. I thought it was a given that Apple’s share price is disconnected from revenue and that the only thing likely to happen is a greater P/E compression as time goes on. Saying things like the P/E can only compress to a certain degree is ridiculous because every quarter it compresses more. Furthermore, what makes them think the economy will allow Apple’s share price to go that high. Every time Apple starts to move up a bit, there’s some poor jobs data or Eurozone crisis and the share price plummets.

    It’s OK if analysts want to give EPS and revenue predictions based on sales, but calling those high target share prices is better left to crystal ball readers. As of today, the DJI is no higher than it was in July 2011. The economy doesn’t seem to be improving at all and Apple’s share price will remain trapped in it along with the rest of the market.

    1. What’s keeping Apple’s P/E low are two factors:

      1. Options sellers pinning it to max pain every week and every month. The silver lining here is that this process becomes a coiled spring. They can pin it to max pain with FUD and manufactured “news” only for so long and only within certain bounds. Once Apple breaks out of those constraints it performs like it did the first 2 or 3 months of this year. It will happen again.

      2. P/E matters only if the earnings are being distributed to the shareholders. Apple doesn’t currently pay a dividend, but it soon will. To be sure, the announced dividend is very small compared to Apple’s cash hoard, but that can change. When Apple starts paying a significant dividend the P/E will begin to look very, VERY attractive when compared to growth.

      Buy all the AAPL you can now.

      1. Zeke – smart as usual. you get it.

        where are you from, where do you reside, on which olympian isle, it would be nice to meet (virtually at least : ) a Smart One as you ; )

  3. The stock is sneaking up again. The low has been set so at some point the stock will jump uo and set new highs. Always happens this way. Just never know the timing.

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