Hands-on with Apple’s new MacBook Pro with Retina display (with video)

Apple’s all-new MacBook Pro with Retina display “is something that slots in between the two current devices and, we’d say, does so quite cleanly — though honestly we can’t imagine anyone wanting the O.G. Pro with an optical drive after touching this thing,” Tim Stevens reports for Engadget.

“It’s 0.71-inches thick, or roughly 25 percent thinner than the current generation Pros,” Stevens reports. “That’s just .03-inches thicker than the 13-inch MacBook Air, but it feels like quite a bit more. Where the Air is tapered, this has a constant thickness throughout. So, again, it doesn’t feel like an Air, but it’s a big improvement over the Pro.”

Stevens reports, “And that display? It’s gorgeous. If you’ve had the opportunity to compare the new iPad to the old iPad you’ll know the kind of leap forward we’re talking about here. It’s that much better, but it isn’t just resolution. Contrast seems greater and viewing angles too. We’ll need more time to do a thorough analysis but we can say with confidence this display doesn’t disappoint.”

[viddler id=96c52162 w=545 h=307]

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    1. It’s the usual comments as well: “It’s too expensive!” “It’s shiny, new and my friend has one, and I’m going to college and don’t want to look stupid.” etc… The best one is this lame ass straw man: “For the same price, you could get a Windows laptop that runs circles around the MBP, plus an additional 2-3 laptops to donate to a local school. Just more proof that Apple users don’t meaningfully contribute to society.”

      Christ. Low self-esteem much? It’s a fucking machine!

      Engadget is always good for a laugh.

  1. Not sure what to think about the new MBP. Looks like it’s not user upgradable anymore. Also no matte screen option. Hopefully the claim of 75% less glare is accurate.

    But $3000 ???????? for a MBP with decent storage and ram ??????

    That’s a HUGE negative!!!!! Fortunately we still have the regular MBP, for now.

    1. It’s 2200, not 3000. That ces with 8GB of RAM which is by all measures “decent”. The flash storage space is 250 which is fine for many usage cases. Anyone who needs a lot more room is going to connect it to a RAID or network server or an external hard drive, not pay through the nose for internal flash storage.

  2. As an Apple shareholder, all I can say is “Yay!”. I hope they sell a boatload of them. They have features that many will be happy with (at least initially).

    As a user, I’ll continue to baby my 2008 MacBook Pro.
    I’m into my 3rd battery (which I can change myself).
    I’ve maxed out the ram (which I could add myself).
    I’m getting ready to upgrade to an SSD (my 3rd HDD upgrade, that I can install myself).
    I have plenty of ports (that I don’t have to buy dongles for).
    I can still burn disks for clients, at their locations.
    I can still show pix/videos to clients in a glaring room, without glossy reflections.

    Again, for those that love the new MBP, buy it! My retirement fund thanks you! 🙂
    As for my production needs… pass.

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