Forrester analyst: Apple’s developer tour de force strengthens already-powerful software, hardware, and ecosystem

“CEO Tim Cook opened Apple’s worldwide developer conference 2012 [yesterday] morning in San Francisco. The event sold out the Moscone West venue in 90 minutes, a clear indication that Apple’s star is still rising rapidly,” Ted Schadler writes for Forrester. “Developers are the first to smell a slowdown in momentum and so are a good indicator of the future.)”

“That pace of innovation coupled with the rapid adoption Apple has created with free or low-cost upgrades and App Store distribution means that most iPhones and iPads will be running the new software a few months after it ships in the fall and many existing Macs will also get [OS X Mountain Lion in July].” Schadler writes. “Developers get a single market to code to (unlike the intense fragmentation and dusty versions of Android). CIOs get confidence that the latest security and features will be present.”

Schadler writes, “A significantly upgraded notebook line with faster MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros and a new flash [storage]-based MacBook Pro with a Retina, very high definition screen [debuted]. (This announcement caused the first unprompted ‘oooooo’ from the enthusiastic developer audience.) Developers will love the powerful machine. BYO computer aficionados will be happy to have even better ultrabooks and notebooks. CIOs will wonder even louder about where HP and Dell and Microsoft are with comparable computers.”

“I would call [WWDC 2012] a developer tour de force. But what CIOs should really focus in on is the pace of innovation: these advances come only a year after Apple’s last upgrades to this already-powerful software, hardware, and ecosystem,” Schadler writes. “In a world where technology is embedded in how you do business, this is an important point.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. I said it yesterday, Apple just kneecapped its “competition.” Wait until all of the new Apple products hit the street and users start to buy them. The shift to Apple is consistent and widening. The transformation won’t happen overnight but within a few years Apple’s market share across the board will be very significant.

    The old PC world is going into a world of big hurt. The Windoze world has been caught sleeping and is devoid of any seriously competitively product. Just think back to when the iPod was introduced and people had no idea what was happening. The same thing is occurring now with the iPad and the magnificent Apple portable line.

    This is an exciting time in the technology world, IMO. And Apple is prevailing in design and functionality. IOW, Apple is kicking butt, big-time.

  2. Overall, a great keynote and exciting mobile products, including the retina MacBook Pro (which I intend to buy). But, seriously, where the heck is the new iWork!?!? Hopefully they are just waiting until Mountain Lion is actually released. And it will include iCloud-based COLLABORATION, not just syncing–c’mon Apple, why are you SO far behind M$ and Google in that key area??

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